70’000 people dead in a second. Countless injured and hundreds of thousands died afterward. That is what happened in Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.

It’s horrific, to say the least. The museum that keeps the history alive has many gruesome stories from survivors, as well as from people who died.

How can a whole city be destroyed in a split second?

Two words: human creation.

As a species, we have immense power. We reshape entire landscapes. We are so innovative that we can leverage the natural laws of physics to assist us. That can be used for construction or for destruction.

You as an individual have the same creative power that has shaped the fate of Hiroshima. You as an individual can dream up something new and create it.

Most people seem to not really know this. We think we are bound by how things are done. Did it ever occur to you that how things are done, have been invented and created by people like you?

The internet wasn’t here most of your grandparent’s life. Now it is. You can literally look up thousands of things in a heartbeat. This has been done via human creation.

You Already Have Been Creating

When you look at your life, you will see all kinds of things that you have created:

  • The job you are in
  • the clothes you wear
  • the people you hang out with

What do those things have in common? You put your energy into it.

That is an act of creation. You put your energy into studying finance and then find a job in that field, which in return shapes what kind of direction your life is taking. That is creation.

It may seem mundane but the principle is the same. When Elon Musk decided to make electric cars to help humanity shift to a solar energy economy, he put his energy into it and by doing so he has created what Tesla has become today.

Your energy and attention are invaluable. Where are you putting them into? Are you actually putting them into what you want to see more of in this world and in your life or are you putting the majority of it into simply tagging along and complaining of how things are bad?

Where you put your energy will not simply influence your life but the people around you. If you have children it will impact their lives and their children ‘s lives as well.

By tagging along we simply create more of the same. If you are unhappy with how things run, find a way to put your energy into something that you deem more worthy.

You Are Unconsciously Already A Creator

Most people just don’t realize that they are creators. But by us not realizing, we are drivers who have fallen asleep by the wheel. We don’t realize that we can shift things in our lives and on our planet. Some people feel like they haven’t created in years and think they are not creators.

The fact is, you cannot not create. Why? Because your attention and energy flow continuously. it’s like a river. It will flow no matter what. Your creative energy flows, no matter what.

Through your creative energy, you have learned to walk, talk and write. What will you learn next?

Through your creative energy, you have enabled yourself to have the life you have now. Are you happy with it? If not, what will you do about it?

You see, we only need to wake up to the fact that we are creators. That in itself shifts our life away from being tossed around and just following what everyone else says, and shifts it towards taking ownership of our lives.

Shifting Our Lives

When we stop blaming our circumstances, we regain the power to shift our lives towards what we really value. As long as we remain as a victim of everything else, we have given away ownership and have closed our eyes to the power that lies within us.

You had a rough childhood? Well, it sucks. It really does, and what are you doing with where you are at now?

You are stuck in a high-income job and can bear the thought of not having a paycheck even though you hate what you are doing?

What will you do? Where will you put your energy into?

Will you perpetuate the same storyline, which has the baseline that you simply can’t do anything about it? Or will you stop putting up excuses and start embracing the fact that where you are at was also influenced by your decisions?

If those decisions lead you to where you are at, you can change your direction.

It may not be easy nor may it be comfortable. But not doing anything just perpetuates what you already know and dread. So many people have been in your situation before and many have changed it. Whether you face debt, health issues, marital issues, midlife crisis, you name it, others have been there.

The difference between those who stay stuck and those who don’t is that the latter are willing and ready to embrace change. They are willing to do whatever it takes to shift their life into a new direction.

Being asleep by the wheel leads to another Hiroshima, waking up and realizing that you are a creator may just lead to a healthier planet and a human race that is at peace with itself.

Let’s not repeat Hiroshima and let’s all create a life and a way of living that we love and thrive in.

Now it is up to you:

What future are you creating?


  • Jachym Jerie


    Jachym helps people live a life in alignment: careers that have meaning, relationships that are nurturing and a life that is fulfilling. www.intolign.com