Kindness is a selfless quality in a person to help others. It is a feeling or value in a person to empathize, to help, to be kind and to listen to other person without any ulterior motive. Any act of kindness is not small deed. Kindness can be helping a lady cross the road, helping an injured dog, waiting for others to get out of the bus rather pushing everyone, helping younger sister to study and so on. When a person shows kindness he can feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness in his heart.
Human beings live in a society and depend on it for their survival. Every individual depends on something or someone for daily functioning of life. There is a sense of ‘We feeling’ among individuals. As the days are passing by, people have become more self-centered and selfish. They care only about their success. It is not their fault since the whole society is going through capitalism and ‘survival of the fittest’ phase with competition and conflict as its base foundations. There is only one spot in the top and everyone wants it. Human beings believe that if they have the top position then they will have all the joy and happiness in the world. They work so hard to become successful. Little do they realize that happiness doesn’t lie in a position or money or power. It lies within the person and with the people he loves. In this obsession for success he loses love to money and status. Gradually, people priorities in life have changed to that being of achievement or success oriented. Many people don’t even follow their heart and have become machines in this capitalistic industry.
In these times where there is so much psychological stress and pressure, love is very much required for mental wellbeing. Small acts of kindness to spread love in the society are very much important for this society to keep people grounded and realized that there are others in the world than them. A balance is required between work and other activities. Random acts of kindness ensure that person has a sense of love and sensitivity towards others and the environment. People often tend to take whatever things they possess for granted. They don’t respect it and always are desperate for more. This need for more has led to chaos in the natural environment with global warming and extinction. It also leads to turmoil in personal relationships with parents not even having time for their own children due to high workload. They miss things they have and then have guilt that they didn’t do anything later in life. All of these stresses have led to physical and mental health problems in people engaged in work and their children who are the future generation and who are not getting good upbringing alongwith its consequences on the natural world. In the name of kindness, people often tend to do things in return or to gain a favor and this notion is wrong. Several powerful people and companies exploit vulnerable people who seek help and in return they oppress them and make them pay a huge price. This notion is wrong. Kindness should be done without any ulterior motive to spread love and help those in need rather to make other person vulnerable.
A little bit of love and kindness have the power to change the world. One never knows what a little bit help or empathy could do to a person’s life. It has the power to change that person’s life. H.S Kushner says that “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.” If a person is capable enough to help then he should definitely help. Kindness is a value that should be nurtured in children from their childhood. Children should be made sensitive towards their environment and people. Simple acts of kindness without anything in return or ulterior motives should be encouraged. Even adults should be made aware of their life and balance things so that there is more love and kindness in their life and the whole world will be a better and kinder place.


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