I hope you’ve been following our series on personal branding over the past weeks, and you may even have joined in our 5-day challenge recently where we looked at how you can begin to establish your credibility, demonstrate your value to potential clients and, ultimately, build a long-lasting business.

To really elevate your brand and approach your content in a strategic way, I recommend the following framework:

  • Establishing WHY you want to build your brand and your business;
  • Defining  WHO you are targeting;
  • Identifying WHAT content you will be creating;
  • Mapping out WHERE you will distribute your content online; and
  • Planning HOW you will bring to life your content effectively.

This is exactly what we teach in the Fast-track Your Business in 90 Days programme, and with that in mind, I’d love to invite you to join us in this next round!

What is Fast-track Your Business in 90 Days?

This is a structured 90-day programme that will help you get the results that you want in your business – without sacrificing your health and relationships to do so.

You’ll get clear on your vision for the business, address mindset issues that can be holding you back, and learn key branding, sales and marketing techniques to take your business to the next level. You’ll no longer be in that state of constantly looking for the next sale and instead, you’ll know that you have the systems and structures in place to bring in a sustainable income.

This programme is perfect for you if…

  • you already have a functioning business outside of the 9 to 5 and you have all the basics in place;
  • you have a decent income, but you want to multiply this and create more stability and security in your finances;
  • you crave more freedom and flexibility in the way you run your business and manage your time;
  • you’d like to get more comfortable selling your services and be confident as you position your brand and your offering; and
  • you want to learn more advanced marketing techniques to build a professional brand and to reach and convert more people.

What will you learn?

This is a mentoring programme for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners who want to create a long-term sustainable brand and business. (If you’re just starting out, and still not sure exactly what business to launch, then check out the One Step Outside the 9 to 5 group programme >>.)

It’s a fast-paced, high-touch programme where you’ll work through three months of training content and have 1:1 interaction with me to ensure that you’re implementing what you’re learning to fit your specific situation. You’ll also continue to have access to the membership site materials for an additional 3 months, so the investment is effectively for a 6-month programme.

I’ll help you to…

  1. Get clear on what you want, first and foremost, before you start working towards achieving that
  2. Review and optimise the fundamentals, to create a strong foundation for growing your business
  3. Accelerate your growth with branding, sales and marketing techniques that will help you succeed

You´ll get…

  • 6 training modules with audio and video to help you fast-track your business
  • Membership to a private Facebook community with fast support, answers and feedback
  • Fortnightly live Q&A sessions with opportunities for 1:1 time with me within a group setting
  • Worksheets and exercises to help you implement what you’re learning each week
  • Optional:upgrade to add individual coaching in a private setting for customised, 1:1 support

What will we cover in the programme?

Module 1: Crystallising your vision for the business

Even – or maybe especially – when you’ve been in business for a while, it’s incredibly important that you understand the big picture of why you’re in business and what you ultimately want to achieve. We’ll make sure that you’re clear on what ‘success’ looks like for you – both in terms of your professional goals and in terms of how you want to live your life.

Module 2: Understanding your ideal client

Working out how best to serve and sell to your clients starts with identifying and understanding who those ideal clients and customers are, both in terms of demographics and psychographics. We’ll use the value proposition canvas to help you drill down into their wants, fears and needs and exactly how you’re going to find a way to solve an urgent and important problem for them.

Module 3: Refining your brand and offering

Once you understand your ideal client, you need to clarify your positioning in the market versus other players and how you’re going to stand out from your competition with a distinctive brand. Ultimately, getting these brand fundamentals right, with a clear framework to guide your strategic choices, will determine your success before you even get to planning any marketing activities.

Module 4: Developing your marketing and sales strategy

With an understanding of your clients and your brand, you need to go out into the world and let people know that you exist, and that means connecting, engaging and converting prospects into clients, focusing on the right things at the right time. We’ll help you create your content strategy with a plan for how to distribute your content across the right platforms to engage and sell.

Module 5: Mastering the financials

As much as there is more to success than money, financial freedom is absolutely key to a successful business and a comfortable lifestyle. The last thing you want is to become one of the many struggling freelancers or hustling entrepreneurs with failed businesses (not to mention failed health and relationships!). We’ll calculate your target income and your very best rates.

Module 6: Implementing your plan

As you complete the programme, we’ll set you up for success for the rest of the year with a review of your objectives and your goals along with a plan for how you’ll measure them and keep on track. We’ll also help you manage your time effectively, set boundaries and learn to say ‘no’, as well as making sure that you get the support that you need.

What’s the investment?

The investment in 2019 is £250 in monthly paymentsfor the 3 months of the programme, or you can save with a one-off payment of £705(6% discount). (If you visit each of the links, you should see the cost in your local currency.)

This is a significant investment of money but more than that it’s an investment of your time and energy. You need to be sure that you are committed, right now, to do what it takes.

Is this the year that you take your business from just surviving to thriving so that you can leave the 9 to 5 behind for good, do more of what you love and make a bigger impact with what you do?

Join us in the Fast-track Your Business in 90 Days programme!

Be sure to grab your spot before the doors close on Thursday 14thMarch!

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