jo gifford

If you find the online business smoke and mirrors B.S deeply unaligned with the work you came here to do, this is for you.

jo gifford

So many people who are here doing the most incredible, life changing, legacy leaving work feel deeply disillusioned by the models and blueprints we see touted as The Way to do things.

Now, as a side note:

I LOVE being online.

I have made many wonderful connections, friendships, business relationships and lifelong friends from being able to reach people globally.

My clients are global.

Some of the colleagues and connections I hold the most dear I first met online.

But being online doesn’t mean your business needs to follow the shouty, income marketing based models that you will stumble across as soon as you start looking into how to grow a following or earn money online.

I know because I fell for it too.

You start to follow the success breadcrumbs of other people, forgetting to take the time and space to sow your own.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Maybe you are creating change and leading in a range of ways:

  • At home with your family and circle of friends
  • In your community
  • In teams and projects that are creating huge ripples in the world
  • Within systems and organisations

Making an impact can take many forms.

Last year I took quite a big step back from sharing online, for many reasons.

I was leading two big projects in the start up and scale up space, so I didn’t have much time to be sharing.

A great deal of personal sadness was happening as my dad’s dementia and health declined with a heartbreaking plummet day by day; I was writing a book, and: you know, normal life things like spending time with people I love.

Stepping back gave me such perspective.

I was working with some of the most brilliant minds creating products and content for cutting edge organisations, and living in the moment leading teams through this meant my energy and focus was there.

I was disconnected from the cliques and the dramas and the trends and the Next Big Thing — and it was so refreshing.

I am sharing more now as I enjoy the creativity of outputting daily and sparking conversations, but I maintain that perspective.

I love being apart from the trendy kids at the big table, because it allows me space to think and create my own way.

I need acres of space to go within, to create and embody changes myself before sharing with my clients and communities.

When you blindly follow what people say you should do in an effort to be “successful”, I think it’s easy to lose sight of the success you are already having in your own terms.

Maybe you changed the life of a client today with the work you did.

Maybe your words, your voice, your presence created a shift in someone’s life.

Maybe you held space.

Maybe you listened.

Maybe you learned some thing profound.

Maybe you went through a personal transformation.

Maybe you went through deep grief.

Maybe your soul work became clearer.

Maybe you spent time with people you hold dear.

These things, to me, are far more important than being seen to be a success.

Unboxed leaders create change in the world through human connection in many, many ways.

So diverse, in fact, that it’s impossible to be prescriptive.

And isn’t that delicious?

Away from the main crowds, I adore co-creating with the most amazing magical beings to being their visions to life.

I take great joy in leaving voice notes for my connect your brilliance group, and gently inviting them to create human connection in their own way.

I am humbled when someone reads my words or hears my voice and feels seen, heard, and able to step into their brilliance just a little bit more.

If you don’t fit it, welcome.

You are in great company.

I don’t either.

And I absolutely love it.

It also might just mean you are out at the front — just not in the way the Facialbooks peeps define it.

I would rather be heard and alchemise deep change than be part of a herd.

And, if you are still reading this, probably so do you.

Giff x

My name is Jo.
I am an author, podcaster, writer, project manager, creative thinker and prolific human connector. My soul passion and purpose is to create connections and conversations with unboxed leaders that use their brilliance to create change. Human connection is where change happens.When we connect, create and grow, momentum and magic take their seat. I believe in building legacies, movements and missions that are designed to make a difference. We can truly change the world one word, one thought, and one connection at a time.

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