The human tapestry of life. You are greatness.

On an early morning walk with the dogs, barely into the new year and deep in thought, I happened across this magical scene.

A freshly snow covered birch tree, entwined among many other branches, reaching across the narrow stream, curving towards the Light. There was a layer of bark peeled back on the lower left side, appearing like a perfectly formed dark feathered wing and I thought~

This is me…

This is you….

This is humanity…

This is the Soul’s Journey…

Through the collective energy web (all those mingling branches) that tie us all together, the Soul navigates its journey toward the Light in resonance with its only mission — to grow and experience and expand.

It is the symmetry of every human life’s trajectory, to grow, to rise, to be flexible, and to shed so that it may grow even further.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in dark spaces, where no Light can be detected.

The time of shadow

Where if we choose, we can begin investigating who we have become since our last dance together in shadow.

We release that which we no longer need to carry, the burdens too heavy, the untrue beliefs, as we remember our own Light.

Parts of ourselves begin to curl back, peeling away that which we have outgrown.

And as we emerge from the shadow and once again move forward, a mystical and profound dark wing remains, reminding us of our time with shadow and our re-emergence into dayLight.

Upon glimpses into our past, we can recall our dreams, fears, deep reflections and usually some major personal growth.

Shadow turns us upside down and inside out, left to investigate our truths and untruths, our dramas, our self worth and our self love.

And we remember….

We never lose the scar, but it can become collateral beauty along the way if we let it.

For if we never experienced Shadow, we would never come to truly understand and appreciate the Light.

(and I highly recommend seeing the film Collateral Beauty if you haven’t, it inspired me for days… )

As we each ground ourselves into 2017, the year coined as “the year of coming apart” make your Self Practice ~ Sacred.

Be mindful of your thoughts, truths and mental positioning.

You are being heard.

And most of all, be more Courageous

Don’t give up

Be Confident

Let your Creativity flow

Do the Necessary inner work to be more Authentically you — you are Extraordinary. Don’t stop until you find it.

And be Hopeful

Love and Hope will get you through anything, ANY-THING.

Always lovingly,

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