A journalist was allowed access into an American military base & went through a battlefield simulator twice, the 1st time she describes the fear she felt when masked men approached her with guns & suicide bombs. As soon as she hit a target, more assailants would appear. The 2nd time she went through this, she wore a Transcranial Stimulator (A helmet that’s been developed to change the brain’s neuronal pathways). This time she had no fear & completed the exercise having dispatched all the targets with time to spare. Her quote “Everything in my head finally shut up. My brain without self-doubt was a revelation”. (Homo Deus p336). When I read this I thought “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to shut my inner voice up”, “what could I achieve without doubt in my head”. But then I thought, it’s that inner voice that makes me who I am. When I set up my business the quote that resonated the most was from Brene Brown “Vulnerability is the birthplace of Creativity & Change”. That voice in my head keeps me grounded & shows that I genuinely care about how I show up. If there is no noise then I could come across as being arrogant or lacking empathy which isn’t me. Technology is great but it isn’t compassionate & doesn’t care the way humans do, that is unique to us! #business #human

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