Have you picked up any new GOOD habits during all this?

This COVID thing has thrown us all for a loop.

Routines disrupted big time.

It’s amazing how many of our habits are tied to routines, and once those routines are busted, so goes the habit.

But also during this time, it can open up the mental space for NEW good habits.

There’s one habit that I have always wanted to try and do more of, but haven’t really until now.


So many of the ‘greats’ did it, I could never really get into it.

Until now.

I’ve done the 5 min gratitude journal for a long time.

But I’ve picked up the “Daily Stoic Journal” and I’ve really been loving it.

It has great questions to ponder (oh wow that’s a fun word) and reflect on.

I really have started to enjoy it.

Journaling every morning and every evening has really helped me through all of this.

Slows me down for a bit.

Makes me reflect

It improves my self-awareness and execution.

Used to think it was silly, now I love it.

What about ya’ll?

Any new good habits you’ve picked up during all this madness?

They don’t have to be ‘deep’ like journaling either.

Anything like walking regularly, getting more steps, calling family more often.

Establish some new habits that can carry over when this is all done.

Originally published on LinkedIn.com