Onochie Kingsley Chichi

Onochie Kingsley Chichi is a Nigerian founder of Kullion Technology and COS Tech Solutions and Investment Limited changing life of people around from last many years. The parent company of Kullion Exchange, a multinational exchange is registered in UAE, Estonia, and Nigeria.

A dedicated and passionate individual who believes in upgrading services with technology has glittered the world in the exchange system with his exclusive services. Born on 10th November 1992, the second son of the traditional ruler Obi Chiedu Chichi is married to Mary Chichi, a delectable medical doctor. He holds an OND in Computer Science and currently studying BSc Computer Science at the National Open University, Nigeria.

The global spread and use of the internet and mobile phones contribute to the development of new forms of money. Electronic pay are the future of technology says Onochie. Technology has expanded its branches in all industries; constant innovations has brought about several transformations in the ordinary man’s life. Today, it seems as if innovations is ruling human streams have seen tremendous improvements in its methods with the help of digitalization.

When it comes to choosing the best options in transforming the money, we have numerous options available however the significant part is the services that are free from long process, accurate and reliable. One such marvellous option looking to revolutionize the digital world with its money transfer functionality that gives users premium satisfaction. The user-friendly interface for trading options. It’s one of a kind approach with great money transfer functionality that provides a remarkable experience.

As what one predicts and applies practically is the key feature of successful person, Kingsley strongly believes that his work will gain worldwide adoption. Moreover, as inspired by his father in the property work, he has plans to start a successful and reputable company, COS Properties in Asaba, Delta State.

Young lad is an inspiring and motivating man passing a message of believing in your ability and passion to climb the ladder of victory.