While a lot of books I’ve written and researched have had to do with creating in the quantum field (aka “manifesting”), one thing I have found in over 20 years of coaching is that the big challenge isn’t in creating, it’s in connecting. In other words, if you can’t connect to the quantum field, how in the heck can you create in it? First let’s look at why this is so hard through the eyes of both biology and neuroscience.

Your limbic brain has a pretty important job, and that is to keep you safe. While having fear-alerts (the chemical and physical responses to danger) when a car cuts us off in traffic is a positive product of such wiring, feeling that same hormonal burst of freak-out doesn’t come much in handy when someone says something that upsets you. We won’t even get into all the damages these false alerts cause our bodies and sanity over time. The point is that when we are running around on a cortisol cocktail from being all stressed out, anxious, and afraid (aka in survival mode), our brainwaves are operating in a high beta. A busy brain cannot connect with the quantum field. It’s like trying trying to get a cell signal in a national park (if you haven’t experienced that, trust me). Remember, though, your brain is trying its best to protect you.

You see, even though you have about 100 billion neurons in your noggin, you have far fewer neural connections. Many of the connections you do have were formed by the time you were about seven because that’s when the your brain had the most “juice”to help you form them. This is by grand design so you could, by your own experiences and assessments of them, figure out how to best survive. As a way of creating survival strategies, you may have adopted neural connections that literally tell you it is not a safe world, there is plenty to be afraid of, and risk is damn scary. So even if your neocortex (front brain), which is logical and only found in humans, tells you that you want to make more money, for example, your mammal brain may sense danger and send you into survival mode, where nothing ever good or creative ever happens.

Neuroscience tells us now that we can prune those false alerts and replace them with new, more effective and productive connections. Please understand, literally all the self-limiting, subconscious beliefs you have rolling around in your head are simply results of your brain codifying and filing away FAKE NEWS about the world and your place in it. The tricky part is, we have to tap into the subconscious brain in order to make the necessary changes. And what a coincidence that the way you tap into the subconscious brain is the same way you connect to the quantum field. This isn’t a coincidence at all.

When you reduce your brainwaves to the alpha level and are able to relax your body, you are priming yourself to change your brain AND connect to the quantum field, where all things are possible. We don’t really “manifest” abundance as it is all around us, instead we create limitations with our limited thinking and survival mode actions. Trying to create matter to matter is mighty hard work, so give this a try and you see for yourself how much faster things move in your favor. Relaxing your brainwaves can be done with music, being in nature, or simply disconnecting from all the distractions that we are all surrounded by. Quiet time is the first step.

You can also amplify this effect by first taking a walk, doing yoga, or even petting your dog. Ultimately, the law of attraction tells us what we focus on expands, however, with so many people focusing on their worries and fears, it’s no wonder that most people doubt its existence. Once you’ve calmed down your busy, beta brainwaves, it becomes much easier to shift your imagination into high gear. The art of manifesting could almost be explained as mentally rehearsing something you’d like to experience. And truly, it starts with making a connection to the quantum field where all things are possible, so learning to relax and be still is always the first step.