Every day millions of employees brave trains, planes, bikes, automobiles, traffic and concrete jungles to get to work. This daily ritual can be an uplifting time for reflection and preparation as we imagine future opportunities, anticipate an upcoming vacation or reflect on a special friend or relationship. But for many of us, it is a time that is full of stress and anxiety as we think about the woes of life–or even–work. Whatever our narrative as we prepare for our day, the thing that is true for all of us is that we all have a unique story to offer to the chorus of the world’s song. Those stories are as different and unique as the people who live them. Humans are messy, and so are our paths to wellness.

Coming up with strategies to address everyone’s unique needs is a real challenge, as everyone has a slightly different definition of what wellness means to them personally. There are endless factors that drive our behavior, and designing a wellness intervention that addresses everyone’s individual needs can be an overwhelming proposition to consider.

But here is what we can do. We can create spaces that allow people to flourish on their own terms. We can provide supportive resources to help people navigate the uncharted waters of life, and we can instill a supportive culture of love and kindness to ensure that everyone feels respected and cared for at work. The reality is that we can’t make life easier for everyone nor can we force people to change (as our early dating experiences or a cliched self-help book should have already taught us). But there is a lot we can do, and the future of successful businesses depends on a new way to help people thrive. Our 2018 National Summit will explore ways in which we can give employees the best possible shot at achieving their wellness goals and living a happy life on their terms.

Hear from leaders who have adopted this approach, practitioners who have made a difference, researchers who will demonstrate the value of not looking at employees as numbers, but as individuals with a story. It’s time for a change. Join us and hundreds of other passionate leaders as we seek to make the world a better place one worksite at a time.