Starry eyes by Vivien Szaniszlo   szaViArt

Each thought, each smile we make affects everything…

Well not quite, but…

If we succumb to fear and hate energies we will be swept along by a tide to never ending gloom and separation. If we drink from that river we will become that river. If we radiate a different energy we can become the light in raindrops and the sparkle in snow flakes to uplift and change perception of reality…Create a reality of love and kindness.

Starts with good vibes

It is now understood that we are vibrational beings and emanate certain frequencies that attract in different experiences, different conditions in our lives. Many people were disappointed with the Law of Attraction when their conscious desires did not manifest, this is because inner vibes were blocking what was desired. Manifestation stems from our vibration. If we vibrate with the frequency of Love rather than Fear, we will attract in and create Love. Changing our vibration is the key. Changing our subconscious is key.

 Attention matters.

If we give our attention to the lower vibes of darkness, fear of control and conspiracy theories we will give them strength. Instead if we can ride above the waves of the news in all forms including social media and stay true to something deeper we feel inside ourselves that yearns for the right action for the good of all. Beyond the fear and duality ‘narratives’ -the popular word now for various levels of propaganda—coming at us from all directions, including ‘standard’ news. This is not to say we don’t question, au contraire, it’s essential to check in with our inner wisdom for what is true for us and worthy of our attention. A feeling that something doesn’t feel unsettling sense in our physical bodies indicates dissonance with who we are. We are all on different journeys to get back to the same place of understanding and living with the fact that we are all part of the same One. Each has a part to play in the evolutionary plan.

Science concurs that we are all part of One consciousness connected in the Quantum field. The new understanding is that to which we give attention affects all humanity through the ripple effect. We all affect each other and seek resonance–the degree to which one affects another is determined by vibrational facts—A stronger vibration will overcome a weaker one, the dominant entrains the weaker vibration. Like the entrainment we see in clocks where all clocks in the same room will start to chime in time with the grandfather clock.

Quantum Understanding:

We can change the world!   The Source of everything  is energy in a constant state of change, and the same energy is inside us. The quantum field is an invisible field of energy and information that exists beyond space and time.  Nothing physical or material exists there until we give it attention.

 “If you can imagine a future event …. based on any one of your personal desires.. that reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field, waiting to be observed by you.. Joe Dispenza


Each one of us feeds into the Quantum field usually unconsciously from our subconscious, so it’s quite a soupy rendezvous. Our individual perception influences the universe we experience along with input from the quantum field. If we see shadows and danger on a movie screen of our own imagination it can become our reality, especially if fuelled by others with the same perception. Unfortunately our predominant thoughts and feelings tend to be negative, as we are wired to anticipate negative more than positive for our survival. Our fight or flight mode dominates our system. Shifting out of this mind state takes commitment to conscious assertion of positive ideas. Good news is when we shift to a collective conscious intention for the expansion of peace and love and kindness we can empower greater possibilities in the quantum field for an exciting new reality.

Opening Quantum Powers

  • Develop Discernment:– It is important to discern and filter out the old cultural conditioning thoughts, our automatic negative thoughts and the thoughts of others from the quantum field, to allow thoughts from our higher Soul Self to enter

Exercise: Come into the ‘now’ in a situation and see what attitude you hold- the one at top of mind- may well be the old thought. e.g. Me at nursing home, saw bed sores on my friend –my first thought was ‘neglect’ & brought the wounds to the nurse’s attention with a complaining tone in my voice. She was patient, attentive and caring. Afterwards I realized that this was not neglect –this is what happens to people sitting in wheel chairs and lying in bed – good care was in place. My first thought came from the cultural narrative.

Discernment is about when to act and when to be patient and wise.

  • Empower our Soul Self .

When we align with our Soul Self we can access our quantum power where everything is much faster, both inner transformation and outer manifestation. To align we look for resonance with our Soul Self in all thoughts and deeds: Pause and check-are these really thoughts I resonate with, before turning into action. Am I spending time with people who inspire and encourage my dreams?

  • Building Connection

Stay true to our heart feeling of true connection with all that is and allow the rhetoric to pass over us and not let it penetrate our being, our energy field.

May be we can extend to others the loving connection we feel when we see a baby smile, irrespective of race or colour, whether human or animal. Babies always seem cute and lovable. Love and Kindness and Vulnerability can be the energies that bring us all back to living in Oneness. The power of Love is so understated.

  • Unified Perspective.

 Looking at the currentworld upheaval…What if we try to take an expanded perspective from understanding we are One Consciousness – to see the bigotry, egotism and fear as part of the human condition in transition—these shadows are within everyone of us at the primal survival level. As we shift to a higher vibration these dark shadows are brought into the light for us to make a more conscious choice about who we are and how we will go forward. Decide what we want in our society. Hold space and wait in quiet observation until things change, with compassion. In all cases there is a chance to change the energy to something positive. Try to look at a person’s actions from the place of their highest self. They may be catalysts for change.

Raising our Vibes

  • Shift out of personal stories to create a bigger, better story for humanity

One idea is to make our personal story part of a universal story. For example A desire for relief from a particular experience of suffering can be made with the intention for the betterment of humanity not just about ‘me’. In this way our own healing becomes for the collective healing. (There is astonishing evidence for the power of collective intention amplifying healing for all involved..(‘The Power of 8’ by Lynn McTaggart)

  • Adopt daily practices to build connection with our Soul self

 It takes 10x the energy to shift to positive. Thus to counter the prevailing limitations and negativity requires daily practices. Some ideas:

  1. Start the day with ‘Soul Self’ Affirmations. “I am becoming my soul self in my words, thoughts and actions, more and more everyday.”

2. Take time in nature, a simple daily walk, jog or bike ride reconnects us with everything. Especially if we appreciate the beauty!

3. When stirred by negative thoughts, switch focus to acts of loving kindness to others, they heal our soul and extend connectivity. Especially powerful to counteract negativity stirred up by a specific person “standing in the face of blame burns up much karma.” Sw. Muktananda

4. When thoroughly shaken–Repeat the mantra OM Namah Shivaya ( I bow to my soul) out loud or silently when others are being difficult.

5. The alchemy of Meditation is really wworth a daily practice. Just 10 mins. Here is one to empower our Soul Self.

Feel your Soul’s energy.