Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

I’m a woman on the go, but over the past year, I have had to learn to slow down, breathe, and just adjust to the new way of what we consider life to be. During that time, I’ve been able to find things that help me keep on track, but still allow for wiggle room.

In one of my previous articles here, I wrote about the fact that I turn my phone off at night and just unplug an hour or so before going to sleep. I spend that time snuggling with my cat, reading, watching a movie, or listening to some music. I honestly try not to listen to the news or doomscroll as they call it. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what’s around us, that we fail to notice the smaller things. I have found that I sleep so much better after changing my routine.

My phone is my lifeline, and like most, I use it for email, and occasional social media; however, while most of us reach for that phone first thing in the morning, I have learned not to. The way I begin my day has helped me focus on just the simpleness of being, and I think it might help you too.

When my feet hit that floor, I sit for just a few moments and ground. I say three things that I am grateful for, and I set the intention for the day on what I wish to accomplish. I say good morning to my fur child, and instead of scrolling through Instagram, I focus on what is in front of me. My phone is in another room, and I do not turn it on until after breakfast. I use an actual planner and I check my calendar while drinking coffee and going over notes. On the weekends, I make a real breakfast, fresh ground coffee, pancakes, or waffles, it is my way of treating myself, and taking the time for a little self-care. My cat also enjoys the morning, because he knows that Saturday and or Sunday mornings mean bacon, a little nibble, and more time with “Mom”. I intentionally set aside that time. The outside world does not take precedence, business and life are put on hold and I get to truly unwind.

There is a certain peace that comes from shutting off the world every now and then. I get to listen to my own heart, laugh, just be me, and not have to run or be a slave to time. It is a habit that I have had to develop a little at a time, but one that is so worthwhile engaging in. I let my phone sit and I go out and do some photography, play with frames at my local craft store, go for a drive or a walk somewhere to clear my head of all the clutter. I’ve been much healthier because of it and have truly found happiness in not living a life that ties me to my email or scrolling aimlessly to find fulfillment, I go out and create it for myself.