Creating A Vision Map

While we may tell ourselves that we have a foolproof guide to achieving our dreams, all success comes with challenges; some we can control, most we can’t. Every leader knows that to succeed, they must create and communicate an inspiring vision.

Outstanding leaders create and hold a vision for the people around them. They look toward the future and its infinite possibilities, to establish a plan. However, many leaders have a serious flaw in their plan in that they fail to include themselves in this vision. When we do this, we will inevitably forget to create a map to guide our teams toward that vision.

Our guest in this episode is Tony DUrso, the founder of The Vision Map, a guide on creating the path to your dreams. With this episode’s co-host Joel Bower, (Joel is the founder of Owning The Edge, a company which finds out of the box solutions to help growing businesses.) Together we take an in-depth look at planning your life. Why make a plan? How does it work? What are some challenges? 

Tony DUrso is a Business leader, Author & Podcast Host of the #1 talk show on the entire VoiceAmerica Network. He is the creator of “Vision Map,” How to get on and follow one’s VisionPATH to materialize your vision and the author of Elite Entrepreneurs. 

Tony began his career working as a paperboy in Chicago. He kept this job for ten years but gave his salary to his parents. The family of 8 relied on Tony and his father to survive. Tony quickly learned the value of the dollar. Today, Tony works as an author, podcast host, talk show host, etc. His passion has, in part, led Tony to create The Vision Map. My co-host in this episode is Joel Bower. Joel is the founder of Owning The Edge, a company which finds out of the box solutions to help growing businesses.

One interesting factor in creating The Vision Map is immigration. Tony’s family came from Sicily to the United States. In a way, creating a vision map is in Tony’s DNA. Many immigrants have an idea of what they expect to happen once they arrive in their new home. They have a vision beyond what they know right now. In most cases, immigrants tend to have a stronger work ethic than native citizens. Turning your vision into reality requires a balanced combination of a strong work ethic, action, and commitment. By itself, the plan is nothing more than a dream.

Creating A Vision Map

So, what exactly is a vision map? How do you create one? Do they work?

Together the three of us broke down the steps to creating a vision map and examined their effect. Let’s take the ten thousand foot view: To begin, you need to look into the future. Picture yourself living your dream life. What do you see yourself doing? Tony shared that it’s crucial to look back as if you’ve already achieved this dream. Set aside any past failures. Ignore any thoughts of ‘I wish I could be doing this’ or, ‘I can’t do that’. Focus on what you love and what you want to be doing in the future? This first step is where your vision map begins. Write down your goal but, try to limit yourself to one sentence. Take a day or two to think it through. 

Think of The Vision Map as an upside-down pyramid. This top layer is your broad vision. Tony says the second step is to define your purpose. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you love? What are you passionate about? Again try to stick to one sentence. The third layer is your long term objective. This goal should be something you can accomplish in two to three years. For example, maybe you want to write a book or produce a weekly podcast episode. The fourth and final step is to create your master plan. Break down your objective into small goals. Schedule tasks for each year, month, week, and day to make the goal attainable.

Making Your Vision A Reality

While this may seem like a foolproof guide to achieving your dreams, all success comes with challenges. If you face resistance at every turn, it may be time to re-evaluate your vision. Is this the right thing to do? Is there another way to do this? Is this necessary? Have you considered all the factors?  Life has a way of hitting you on the head as if to say ‘Pay attention, it’s time to redirect’ and ‘Get your ego out of the way’. 

If your plan is facing adversity, ask yourself ‘Does this matter to me?’, Not should it but does it. If it doesn’t, get your focus on what sets you on fire. Find your fire! There is always someone ready to come around with a wet blanket. It is your choice if you let it put your fire out, or if you use it as fuel. 

For example, in Tony’s first year of podcasting, his account was hacked.  It quickly turned into a cat and mouse game that lasted two months!  He seriously considered giving up, but his wife convinced him to give it another chance.  He started and has since been hacked three times in four years.  However, he still hasn’t given up!

In creating a vision, it is important to consider that you are already a leader! Often people believe leaders are CEOs, but leaders are everywhere. Leadership is influence! Do you have children? Do you have friends?  We’re all leaders because we all have influence and impact. We all need someone to support us and guide us through tough times. Tony’s support system includes his wife, his mentor, etc. Joel finds support from his mother, who taught him how to live in the face of adversity. We’re all reliant on those around us to encourage us and help us realize our visions. Step up, claim your fire, and bring your vision to the world now!

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