Dimetri Hogan, an emerging creative force to be reckoned with, is CCO of emerging digital strategy agency T1 Advertising, as well as the founder of experiential and creative marketing agency Radiant Room. Being responsible for the marketing efforts for a multitude of brands ranging from fashion, tech and beauty during these times is a heavy weight to bear. With consumer habits changing due to the COVID-19 crisis, we asked Dimetri what business owners can do now to best position their brand for sustainability until the economy reopens. Here is what he had to share:

Reaching consumers in this environment while they are stuck in quarantine waiting to enjoy the luxuries of dining out, movie theaters and experiential activities as a whole can be challenging. During these unprecedented times, brands have the option to make it or break it. Due to this unknown status most brands become paralyzed and don’t know which way to turn.

  • Develop a social media presence.

Because of the COVID-19 shut down, digital is the only playing field & only way to sustain/grow your business. Consumers are currently sitting on their couch tuned into social media applications such as Instagram & Tik Tok. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and find creative ways to get your product seen by your current customers as well as potential customers. Hogan being a content creator and head of marketing for New York based Parisian bistro, Little Prince back in 2018  generated greater revenue margins through engaging content and titillating captions. Getting your product seen is the first step to thrive during the current climate. Heading the Tik Tok division at T1 Advertising and tapping into his content creation know-how has engineered results for current brand partners on board.

  • Reinvest marketing budgets.

Now that marketing activations such as in store events, festivals and pop ups are out of the question for the foreseeable future it’s time to determine where to put those dollars. Think about where exactly you were spending money before the virus hit and then analyze the best strategies to utilize your free time and money and convert that into new business. Hogan has worked with his clients to help them develop Google Search engine optimization presence, knowledge panels and strategic proven digital strategies that accrue momentum to persevere into the new normal.

  • Communicate effectively.

Once an online presence is strategically developed the proper care needs to be taken in order to make sure that consumers understand and marketing efforts effectively convert to sales. Hogan suggests attaining compelling media credentials that highlight a brands unique selling point, then inserting those  credentials into an email blast as well as on a brands website in order for curious consumers to understand why they should be spending hard earned money on your product, especially during these times. Dimetri states,  “combining these gold standard tips together is what has helped my brand partners excel during a time where digital media is at an all time high, even though consumers have changed spending habits they are still preparing for the day that they can go outside again.” Stay tuned in for more tips and updates via Hogan’s social media radiantchild.