creative fathers day gift ideas

With Father’s Day on the horizon, surprise your Dad with something unique and special. Yes, I know that the Pandemic has led us into new normalcy, but it doesn’t mean that you have left out of ideas. Use your creative mind and celebrate the day with the same spark as you always do.

There are tons of ideas to make this day a fun day for your dad as well as the whole family. Think of some innovative gifts as these are more memorable than the expensive ones.

Here are some great gift ideas for father’s day that can help you to please your Daddy.

Coupon book 

Father’s day coupons are a fantastic last-minute idea for kids. You can produce inexpensive and beautiful coupons with some colors, designs, and creativity. It requires the efforts of the tiny hands, which make them more special. You can grab the ideas to make coupons from the list below:

● One bike/ car wash

● One day of slumber

● Breakfast in bed

● Big hug

● One hour of uninterrupted nap

● Fetch you a drink

● Backrub

● Dinner of your choice, and many more.

Leather Wallet

Surprising him with a leather wallet is always a fail-proof idea. If you can sneak inside a greeting card with a cute and adorable message for him, you’re golden.

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Tie-shaped Bookmark

Handmade or crafted tie-shaped bookmarks can be made by watching any DIY tutorial. It can also be made by using newspapers. The more efforts you will make, the more special he will feel about it.

Breakfast In Bed

On this beautiful day, treat him with breakfast in bed. Fix his favorite cheese omelette with sausages and a glass of fresh juice to keep him cheerful for the rest of the day. Spoil him with this special treat to start this day off right.

Kite Flying

You don’t always need to go out to celebrate special days. You can do a lot at home as well. Choose when the wind is high and make everlasting memories of kite flying with your dad in your backyard.

Backyard Barbecue Party

Fire up the grill in your backyard. Marinate juicy ribs and succulent meat burgers for an extravagant meal. If your dad is a foodie, delicious food is the easiest way to your dad’s heart.

Family Movie Night

You can plan a family movie night at your home. Make a set-up by hanging a white sheet and projecting your dad’s favorite movie on it. Grab some popcorn and drinks to make it a fun-filled experience.

In-door Spa Day

Dads also enjoy the benefits of a soothing and refreshing spa day. Grab some face masks from a nearby store and pamper him with an in-home massage.

Order Dinner

Have a pizza or burger party at home by ordering online. There are many restaurants that offer father’s day specials and freebies. Order your father’s favorite cuisine, sit together as a family, and make dinner time more fun. Later, you can end the day with dessert to have a sweet time.

Online Shopping

Since shopping through stores is not practical these days. Take your dad on an online shopping spree. Buy him gifts of his choice and make him feel special.

Listen To Old Music

Dust your old record player and drift your old man to the past beats. It’s a great way of bonding and connecting two generations. Listening to his favorite songs will make him feel extra special.

Video Call to Dad’s Old Friends

The whole world is in a state of uncertainty since the emergence of Coronavirus. It is more important to stay connected with your loved ones today. On this particular day, you can surprise your father by calling his old friends. It will help him revive all the beautiful moments of the past, thus making his day more precious.


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