Warning: These are a bit naughty so stop reading now if you’re easily offended or are my boyfriends parents.

Cost: $ – Poverty stricken | $$ – Doing okay| $$$ – Rolling in it

Effort: L – Lazy bitch | i – If I have to | M– Martha-fuckin-Stewart.

$ | i

Homemade heart-shaped chocolates

Firstly, you’ll need:

*A heart shape mould. I purchased mine from ebay and it was pretty cheap.

*Any plain chocolate. I used Cadbury’s family size milk chocolate.

*Anything extra that you know they like. My boyfriend loves coconut so I put shavings in.

*A saucepan, a glass mixing bowl, a spoon, and a steady hand.

What to do:

*Heat some water in the saucepan with the glass bowl on top. Melt the chocolate in the bowl and add any extra bits.

*Then carefully pour the melted chocolate (or use a spoon) into the heart moulds.

*Leave to cool for 15 mins then put in the fridge to set.


*Grab yourself a small clear jar from your local $2 shop and fill with the heart shaped chocolates.

Extra mushy:

*Roll up mini notes with reasons why you love them.

$$ | L

Welcome home!

You’ll need:

*Whipped cream and all his favourite treats. Think ‘easy to work with’ like Maltesers.

What to do:

*When they get home, be NAKED and covered in whipped cream and treats.

*Heads up: The whipped cream melts quickly

For an extra challenge (category M)

*Prepare a list of questions they have to answer – each correct answer gets a treat.

$$$ | M

The Lott!

You’ll need:

*8-10 small gifts (think easy to hide)

What to do:

*Prepare a number of riddles on post-its (the same quantity as gifts)

*Each riddle should be a hint to finding the next gift and the next riddle.

*Make the last one extra special. Or just put it in your bra/undies. You get the idea.

I hope you’ve liked these cheeky, affordable gifts just in time for Christmas!

Love BossyAlexa x

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