The coronavirus pandemic has turned almost every aspect of our world on its head, and that includes our work lives. One day we’re working from an office setting, and the next, many of us are being asked to work from our homes. Thankfully, people have taken to social media to share their creative desk setups… Use this as inspiration to DIY your own home office in the new normal.

Ironing board

Because no one is really using these for their intended purpose right now.

Laundry hamper

With this handy desk setup, you can easily put your “day pajamas” in the bin at the end of the workday (you know, right before changing into your “night pajamas”).

Furry friends 

Let’s be honest, our pets are the real social distancing winners here.

Extra toilet paper

This desk setup is only for the hoarders, but:

The hydration station

This desk is a great option for those of you who need an extra reminder to stay hydrated.

Recycling bin

Now is not the time to forget about the environment (or your vitamin D needs).

The playroom desk

For those of you pulling double duty as a parent and a professional.

Bedside nightstand

The best part: When your workday is over, you are this close to your bed/Netflix Central.

By the way… In the new normal, while we’re all doing our best with our less-than-ideal desk/life situations, incorporating stretching and physical activity into our days is more important than ever. This Microstep will go a long way to ensure that all the slouching in our beds, kitchen tables or bathtubs (yes, it’s been done) doesn’t take a toll on our bodies:

Whenever a call ends early, or when you get up to use the restroom, take an extra two minutes for a stretch break. You can use that time productively by reinvigorating yourself with movement. This is particularly important because you’re less likely to move throughout your day when you don’t have a commute.