Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love that Won’t Break the Bank

With Valentine’s Day creeping upon us, men all around the world are getting headaches pondering what to get their significant others without burning holes in their wallets.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give, and giving is a great way of teaching others the value of giving. But where do you start/

Fear not! We’ve gathered 10 Valentine’s Day gifts that she will love, but they won’t break the bank.

1. Heart-shaped Cookies and Chocolates

What can be sweeter than this classic Valentine’s gift?

With the number of recipes easily found online, you will barely need more than a few dollars for ingredients to get started.

Be sure to dip the chocolate or cookies in some icing and make the gift a beauty.

2. Your Songs

Every couple has its own collection of songs that bring light to their eyes as the lovers exclaim their song is playing.

With apps like Spotify and iTunes, compiling a “mix tape” with your songs has never been easier.

Pair the compilation with a good pair of earphones or sound system, and your gift is ready!

3. A Special Day

While each individual may have a different definition of a special day, you can consider gifting her a day without any social media, phones or internet.

Spend a day with undivided attention for each other – just like the good old days – and reignite your love.

4. On a Special Note…

Leave some notes with heartfelt messages around the house and let her know she’s appreciated and loved.

You can leave some small gifts along with these notes – a flower here, a bracelet there, the list goes on. This gift is sure to put a smile on her face!

5. A Trip Down Memory Lane

With most photos stored in phones and Instagram accounts nowadays, take a trip to the nearest photo shop and print out some of your favorites.

Caption the photos with reasons that make the moment special to show her that you remember.

6. A Flower that Lasts

What’s a single rose compared to a miniature rose plant that she can keep around the entire year?

Keep the rose bush on a table in the living room or on the bed stand, somewhere she can be reminded of the gift you sent on Valentine’s Day.

7. Cheesy and Easy

Nothing shouts, “We are together,” louder than a pair of couple T-shirts. Customizing a T-shirt can be done with just a few clicks.

Get one with your anniversary date on it to show everyone that she has your back and you have hers.

8. Gift Basket

What does she like? Special coffee blends? Cute cups and bowls?

Does she own a notebook collection? Go around the mall and find a mix of items that you know she’ll like, and place it all nicely in a basket.

This gift triumphs over a single gift, and it’s definitely a simple shopping choice!

9. Movie Night

What were some of the first movies you watched together?

Hopefully, it wasn’t a terrible one!

Rent some memorable movies from throughout your relationship, and reminisce about those moments when butterflies were still fluttering wildly in your stomachs.

10. Field Trip

Pretend to be tourists in a nearby area and visit some memorable places close to home.

After all, don’t we all need to walk around instead of staying home all day? You never know what you missed during your first one or two visits there, so look around and explore!

Image: Pixabay Creative Commons CC0