So, you’ve started simplifying all areas of your life with the intention of “decluttering” to improve your happiness and reduce stress. You’ve created a budget, reduced your spending, and even gotten rid of things around the home you have no use for. As you work your way to your closet, you begin to stare at things never worn, and some you’ve had for years, wondering which things you’ll keep and what you may need to invest in to create a wardrobe that you can look great in on the weekends – or in the workplace.

Though minimalist living can have a positive impact on your life, it doesn’t come easy. As you start removing things from your life that you spent years believing you needed, it can be challenging to find solutions for adjusting. This includes your attire. Dressing with less but still ensuring you’re fashionable takes some getting used to. If you’ve found this to be a difficult transition for you, you’ll find these minimalist fashion tips to be extremely helpful.

1. Neutrals are Your Best Bet

The idea is to be able to take one item from your closet and be able to pair it with several other pieces to create different outfits. The more things you can pair together, the more outfits you have in your arsenal. So, you’ll want to try and hang onto or invest in neutral colored pieces. If you have a light tan blazer, for instance, you could look for affordable pastel dresses to pair with it. This would be a perfect spring outfit for the office that can easily be dressed down by removing the blazer if you were going out with friends or family.

1. Steer Clear of Prints

Keeping the concept of versatility and outfit combinations in mind, you’ll want to ditch items in your closet containing bold patterns and prints. As they can be easy to remember and difficult to pair with other items, you cannot wear them as frequently as solid colored clothes. If you want to add personality to your outfits, it is best to do so with your accessories. For instance, if you were wearing a pair of white skinny jeans and a pastel pink shirt, you can throw on a colorful scarf or hat to mix things up.

1. Keep or Invest in Staple Pieces

There are some workplace staples that you’ll want to hang onto or invest in as you clear out your closet. This includes things like blazers, button-up blouses, black or tan slacks, black, tan, or nude pumps, a well-cut black dress, and sturdy, solid-colored work bags. They will come in handy when trying to create new outfits. They are also essential to making outfits that you might wear on the weekends suitable for the office. For example, a button-up blouse can be worn with slacks and a blazer to work or with a pair of jeans and a cardigan on the weekend.

1. Accessories Make the Outfit

What will be most important about rocking your new minimalist style is finding creative ways to make each outfit unique. Accessories can help with this. Simply pairing the right hat, pocketbook, jewelry, scarf, or belt with an outfit can dress it up or down and help your individuality stand out. If you don’t presently have accessories, this is something worth investing in without going overboard. Watches, belts, work bags, stud-earrings, and belts can all be purchased to give your attire a more professional look. However, sunglasses, hats, and bold costume jewelry are ideal for casual wear.

Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

As you learn to adopt minimalist lifestyle habits, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while creating a more versatile wardrobe.

· Start by getting rid of things you don’t need before shopping for new things

· Consider selling what you don’t need to generate cash

· Create a budget for purchasing missing pieces from your wardrobe

· Make a list of what you need and stick to it

· If money is tight, start by purchasing one piece at a time

Creating a minimalist wardrobe that allows you to look good in the office or on your time off can be rough if you’re just getting started. However, the above fashion tips and quick pointers can make the concept a lot easier to grasp. By working these suggestions into your wardrobe, you’ll soon find it easy to look great whether you have 10 things in your closet or 100.