creative ways to wind down for better sleep

Trouble sleeping?

You’re not alone. According to, over 50 million people suffer from a sleep disorder, with millions more encountering on and off sleep problems. It’s a widespread challenge. And one that affects not only our nights, but also our energy levels during the day.

So today, we’re looking at easy yet unique ways to get more shut-eye. So that we awake refreshed and ready to take on the day after a solid night’s sleep!

1. Try Sleep Affirmations

Our thoughts are EVERYTHING! What are you thinking about before bed?

If your thoughts aren’t conducive to sleep, it’s time to re-train your brain. Spend just a few moments getting yourself into the right mental state for your peaceful slumber. Simple phrases such as “I let go of tense thoughts” and “I release any worries from the day” go a long way in telling your body to ease down for the night.

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2. Lay on an Acupressure Mat

These mats are made with small spikes to put pressure on your body and release any tension that you’re holding. Speaking from personal experience, after laying on it for a few minutes, I’m ALWAYS ready to turn out the lights.

3. Do a Mind Dump

Sounds weird, right!

It’s actually very straight forward. You get out a sheet of paper and dump the contents of your brain. Every single thought that’s swirling in your head gets put down on the paper. Once you’re done, you’ll notice that those worrisome or “things to do” thoughts have significantly less power over you.

Check out this Free Brain Dump Template for a guided way to do this!

4. Cuddle With Someone (or Something)

And finally, most people don’t think about how the power of touch can help you calm down after a long day. But touch is well known for lowering stress and anxiety. So, spend your last few minutes of the day cuddling with a partner, your child, or a pet. It will be the perfect way to get yourself ready for your deep sleep.

In Conclusion

These are all simple, but often overlooked ways to get your best night of sleep ever. So, use them liberally! Then, enjoy a newfound freshness to your mornings!

“Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.”

– Mesut Barazany