There is something about the naturalness of children. They somehow find a way to see the easiness of life. Playing with crayons. Exploring sandcastles. Building blocks. Playing make-believe. Pretending that they are part of the fantasies. Adults look on and get a glimpse into how they used to be. It is one of the wonders of seeing this carefree world, actually happening. Observing that it is also part of those spaces, where children frolic. That sparkle of seeing different colors and designs-things that “don’t match”-coming together to create different pictures and masterpieces. They create a magnificent spectacle!

Then, we grow up! We leave that magical world behind, and jump into the real world! Creativity goes out of the door, the little playground adventures we took in elementary school, goes out of the window. No more make believe. No more pretending to be an airplane, an acrobat, or whatever pertained to our wildest dreams. No longer are you allowed to return to one of the most genius ways of creating from the fantasy world, and bringing it to reality! It is an art and special realm that children have created. And, yet, as soon as we grow up, we leave that magical world behind. Only to see childhood’s mastery of creativity and design as immature and rudimentary.

What many fail to realize is that it is in childhood’s domain, where innovations, new designs and formats come to play. Thinking of ideas, wonders, and styles, which exist in another world; and then doing the work of making them a reality on Earth. It is fascinating! One could even allude to the fact that the greatest minds know this to be true. It’s why they continue to return to this fascinating realm; bending the rules of growing up. On the contrary, they carried the world of childhood with them; making the adult life more fun, with it’s own treasure bags of success. Double the fun!

In the corporate world, and other professional realms, creativity is a necessary measure in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. So, why don’t we see more symbols of child’s play in work stations and office places? Where are those reminesces of exploration and childhood games? Those games, having strategies and skills, which tested our mental and cognitive capabilities. They were fun. They had purpose. They made childhood that more meaningful. Who says that we have to leave that behind, once we enter into the adult world?

One of the benefits of having games, puzzles, and child-like activities in the office, and work spaces, is that it centers that arena of creative thinking. Which means new strategies, ideas, methodologies for company systems, and business plans. The list goes on. Just think on how much fun it would be for every company to have a time, dedicated each day, for employees and employers to engage in the world of child play.

Whether that pertains to cards, board games, physical engagement games, make-believe, and whatever activities we recall from the childhood world. It could even include having a playground filled with slides and swings. Yes! Let’s continue to explore. The more practice we have, the more we can use our creative skills in office work, company planning, and designs which secure deals. Then, there is the use of such skills to make company meetings more proficient and productive.

Child’s play is a phenomenal realm. So phenomenal that it needs to be carried into adulthood! Into the real world, so that we can experience how nourishing and abundant life can be. If office meetings can transform into play meetings. Strengthening those skills within each employee, so that they can evolve in what they bring to the company. If business places were to dedicate a time during the week, when employees come together to work on the skill of creativity, just think of all the wonders that can come into fruition. All of those designs and styles, catered to the company or business design; enhancing presentation, format, and versatility for how the company or business to grow.

The carefree movement of childhood is natural. To just move and flow, allowing fantastical energies to guide you to infinite possibilities. Enough said! And, once you have sufficient practice, entering this world, you never get bored or run out of ideas. So. . .

Let’s Play!