Naseem Javed

Just imagine, with eyes closed, our mind already divided into four super-gigantic domes; now let’s go and fly inside the first one…

Dome of Earthly Cognitions: this is the first dome; this is where we live; this is where our immediate surroundings subjected to our own routines control us; this is where we are a product of our own choices, knowledge and inventions. This is where we deal with issues like, why and where we live, work, and play, socialize culturize or nationalize. This is where we face our daily challenges based on who we are, where we come from, what we do and why. This is where subjected to all of the many varieties of daily grinds, routines and structures, here either liberated or  inundated with chores or tasks, we smile or complain, create smooth or out of control living patterns. This is where we try to fight, internally or externally, and sometimes based on our own depth of understanding occasionally find answers. This is our dome known to us as our freedom and rarely we recognize the walls as this is in reality a prison. Only upon touching the walls we may ask for the key.

Struggling and coping with issues can have side effects on our health, personality and prosperity. Accepting the burdens of daily realities can shut down our own mental faculties and at times prohibit new ideas in our mind to grow. This massive space to float around with our imagination sometime may feel like a lush garden to dance with joy or a barbwire prison with guards.  Suddenly, clarity may occur with a realization in knowing that having blindly followed all the old traditional rules, hidden most powerful intuitive strengths that never utilized.

Blindly following all the old traditional rituals, custom and procures does not keep our legacy alive but sometimes becomes the living proof that the old traditional practitioners were already mentally dead centuries ago. We simply follow routines and accept unquestionably whatever offered comes from a long traditional perspective? There are hidden values in the traditions but far more valuable is the desire to explore, repressed to fortify the mental prisons. Now for the accidently liberated minds, refusal to blindly accept these conditions, for whatever reason, only activate our imagination provided wired to dream with clarity. The rate of refusal to the daily grind directly proportioned to increased imagination. This process is not about noticing flaws but carefully self-discovering our own limitations and finding ways to dramatically expand and improve them. The more uncomfortable we are with our surroundings the more, fuel we get to kindle our imagination.

During the last millennia, the majority of earth-shattering personalities who altered our way of life today were totally disgusted with their immediate, internal and external environments.  They boldly rejected their disposition, and they boosted their imagination, fought with brand new ideas and changed and brought massive progress. Here the process may lead you to become an authority on yourself. This may guide us to develop logical rational thinking to become a person with superior performance and show us to become a new warrior to deal with our own global-age challenges?

Suggestions: listing all our big and small problems and daily monitoring starts showing alternate solutions and with regular updating of the list in micro details becomes a reality check to allow advance thinking and ideas.

The secrets; We may reject our surrounding in any way we wish, but not with anger, but curiosity.  Anger is our enemy; we cannot allow the march into new advancements under fog of discomforting emotions.  We only go forward with humility; after all these hostile surroundings have helped us to reach where we are today and help prepared us in both mental and physical stamina ready for change. Every negative aspect has a positive opening behind. Only upon acknowledging the lack of certain skills will our mind and body open to receive new energies, enlightenments and embrace new knowledge and skills. Every moment of life, good or bad helps us; every day is a sum of experiences and learning of new things. Nothing is wasted. We must reflect at the absurdity and stupidity of our surroundings, to have a healthy and positive conversation with your mind only happen with newly discovered thinking, alternates and new options. Whatever we call today’s realities as dysfunctionalities of our surroundings only classified as such when we have created a better vision and deeper understanding filled with new solid solutions. Otherwise all these frustrations will only sound as excuses. To reject surroundings demands deeper analysis and specific alternates with deliverable game plans. Embrace hostility and brutal circumstances as constant learning grounds for advancements. The more problems thrown at us the better the warriors we become.

The lack of light in caves forced mankind to advance and come out of darkness. Done in step by step advancements, deployment of applications and mobilized as invented options. Simple rejection in order to stay quiet and avoid debates will get us nowhere; keep us hidden in the dark.  Lingering in depressions is no progress. Today’s working societies of the world intensely occupied with blaming their surrounding but with little or nothing offered as new solutions for advancements. Smile more; complain less; imagine hard and communicate with specific advancement strategies. We grow in tough situations; we only become stronger with experiences. Complaints are not the bridges to advancements, solution and deployments are.

Now, let’s assume we recognize such a difficult and complicated place and can relate all that to your own and immediate realities. Only after we have a good dialogue with your mind, can we strive to identify each of the four spaces of our intellectual living and explore how the cathedrals of the mind have provided four special domes.

Dome of Celestial Heights: this is the second dome; this is where we fly on the wings of our imagination in any directions, height or speed. Imagination is a dream for the awakened. Planned imagination is for the enlightened. Structured imagination with visualization of early realities is for the visionary. Executable imagination is where ideas start turning into real life happenings. This is where mind challenged to prove our depth of self-discovery, talents and enlightenment; this is where critical thinking lays the foundations and emotional endurance provides the roof. The mind can create concepts in great details, like taking ordinary sugar, turn it into specially flavored wrapped candy, and deliver it via global franchise system to every shopping mall in the world, or delivering billion seeds on million acres in symmetrical fashion via 1000 drones in formation. Understanding of such celestial powers demands special emotional stamina in order to balance controlled creativity. 

In each Olympic Games, spanning over last 100 years, there are two most painful moments for athletes and also for their nations, firstly, coming 4th because they missed the medal by a fraction and secondly winning a silver medal because they missed the gold. After all the agony, the world most skillful athletes and their special coaches dive into highly unique processes to recover back their stamina and performances for the next games, not by intensifying or doubling their training routines, but by relaxing and going through intense mental exercise to imagine victory and call upon body to realign muscles and retrain their body to understand how superior performances measured in fraction of seconds work.  Mind retrains muscles and body in an attempt to become number one in the world. This is an amazing discipline. Achieving victory of highly specialized nature not via brute force but understanding mind to manage the body and take it to superior performances.  Mind stays in the driver seat.

Normally, imagination is the least used facility in our daily lives because we pretend on being very busy, our physical activities create the fake sense of busy to cover up our disorganization or our incompetency for taking too long. Imagination is not busy; it’s a flowing river, taking shapes, understanding this difference is an art.  Superior performance is not hard rather smart work, not busy but extremely relaxed progress and mostly internal development where external components eventually become mostly irrelevant. It’s not the industrial revolution that makes the smart phone; it’s the industrial revolution of mind that originates a fully functional phone in our mind first, later assigned to factories for replication. This style may take time to think and further nurture advanced thinking, it may span from years to lifetime, but it’s thinking. 

We trapped by social media to observe others; slaved to others, glued and blind-folded to others we are just over busy, outside things of body. Imagine, if being internally focused on our own imaginary paths and our own discoveries that would bring amazing ideas and later into realities what such advancements results. Are we damaged, because, from the early start family and education restricted much of our imaginary thinking and now the Internet and social media has impacted the corporate culture of the world, and has brought human talent and imagination to a standstill. This is mass downward spiraling of our strengths as human. Human productivity and performance now the biggest upskilling challenges across the world. Nation by nation all need to uplift and transform working citizenry to stand up to global standards of critical thinking and mental endurance as being replaced by smarter robots is just around the corner.

Suggestions: make notes, draw, doodle, scribble, paint and scream and laugh, it’s all canvas. Once you find something alive, work on micro details as this is where something hidden. Discover and release the power.

Dome of Incomprehensible Realms: this is the third dome; hidden here are our unknowns; this is where we search without knowing what we are looking for. Our conscious world discovered during the last many millennia and we have only scratched the surface of it and have no idea why our earth, like a dust particle blown in the wind storm of galaxies, headed in what direction and why?  The mind is curious and not scared of darkness; however, it needs to venture out in the unknown where curiosity forces to change and meets solutions and alternates.  Whatever known today came out of our curiosity; whatever is still unknown out there hidden behind the walls of curiosity. This dome is where all discoveries and intuitive thinking open doors and bring new concepts. Once the imagination gets unlimited free space, and once the earthly boredom ignored, the unexplained explained. This where we try our odd and new things and which upon success called entrepreneurial streaks and this is how we become champions. All over the world greatest entrepreneurs had no idea of what they were capable of until they did their first venture. We are all born entrepreneurs divided into ones already discovered and others still untapped. Which one are we today, what we become tomorrow?

Suggestions; list all the impossibilities, break them into small pieces, all the difficult and complex tasks and force all issues in a jambalaya and never worry about the outcome. Finally, some flash of light will occur. That’s electricity of imagination best grab it.

Will this work wonders, depends on our efforts, however by having allowed our minds to stretch and reaching outside the boundaries of impossibilities, we have created another dimension, a space where we can place our dreams and our ideas, our thoughts and plans, and we accept that they are almost attainable, and we can build? We are dreamers…

Dome of Architectural Sensibility: this is the fourth dome; here we design with mastery, balance and quality.  Within this dome where we take new abstract ideas and create them into global realities; this is where we define new ideas, laws, rules and logic surrounding it, the center of its gravity. From Adam’s apple to Newton’s laws or to Job’s creations, all these apples subjected to gravity, each with its own unique processes and methodologies. The mind is very capable of creating structured balance, innovative designs and its required exploratory processes reaching a solid purpose. This is where the mind gets ready to deploy architectural thinking in order to frame unexplored creations and to slowly bring them to new realities. Mankind already hardwired to constantly create better living and prosperity. Today the world’s most expensive real estate stands were just caves dwelling several millennia ago were the lifestyles. Mankind has the brain and it finds creative solutions. Mankind is hard-wired for advancement. This is also how in the ancient age, without any communication, identical Pyramids built around the world. This is how mankind learned to speak no matter what they did or where they were located in the world, each built their own language knowledge.  Now get ready and witness around the world, how Silicon Valley’s of all kinds and Bollywood of all sorts are popping up in 200 cultures and languages. Individuals are creating the unthinkable in places considered impossible. The mind is the ultimate driver. It can do anything.

Suggestions; draw out full and detailed structures, procedures and organize binders and test all aspects, as ideas and solutions are useless without full and micro-detailed executions. Acquire mastery.

If done properly and as our imagination filters out the very best of the pathways, solutions, ideas and extreme innovative thinking we create vision. At this point and upon such discoveries, this is how we gained the passage to the dome of architectural challenges, from tightrope walking to trapeze flying; we will find the right balance and the proper structure we need for our new idea, because this is our private and very deluxe sandbox where we can play with new ideas. Depending on the right conditions, within weeks we may become the best on our office floor; within months best in our corporate tower; within years you can be the best in the nation or the world. It’s all about us, our brain, our well-defined spaces that will allow our mind to work and relentless desire to become a superior performer. Rest is easy. Now, can our mind see the four very large domes? Relax, it will, in time.

Ready for a Test Flight

If we feel overly-compressed with boredom of chores and undesirable mandates that absolutely frustrate us to points of no returns, we may need to ask our mind to leave your current dome of daily realities, then enter into the new dome of celestial heights where our mind and imagination fly all around seeking new solutions. Here, any advancement will automatically lead us to the next dome of incomprehensible spaces where like mazes and puzzles we discover new things. These self-learning pastimes may take months or years but once applied anytime, anywhere, in our own universe of our imaginations and goals and desires open new doors. It’s how our dreams taking shape into realities.

It is fun. It is critical thinking, self discovery and self-optimization… rest is easy