Over the weekend, I realized that one of the things I do is to have high expectations from others. So I took some time to reflect on that and I came to my senses to tell myself that the only expectation I should have is from me. My expectations led me to ask myself this question: “What purpose am I serving in life?” 

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Well let me tell you one thing, the minute you start asking yourself powerful questions, you will start lowering the expectations that you’ve had. Remember when you used to do things for others thinking that if you do for others, they must do for you too. Can I tell you something? you were not serving your purpose. That is why you were always expecting something in return.
So you can only imagine the hurt you brought to yourself the whole time, right? But it does not have to be this way and I am going to show you why!
When you begin asking yourself questions that are probing you to find answers, then you can leave behind the old mindset. The mindset that tells you to do with expectations can no longer dictate to you what to do.
Live With Purpose!! 
I do not want you to think that you are not serving a purpose when you simply smile at someone. That smile you shared has lifted heavy loads on that person’s shoulder. When you bring your ideas to the table at the staff meeting, don’t make it “my idea and everyone must do what I say attitude”, you will not be serving your purpose then.

You know how I stressed on this phrase “changing the mindset”. It is necessary, and it is true. Those valuable and viable insights are known to have worked for many and they will work for you too when you start practicing it. When someone else’s path has been crossed by you, it is your purpose that you are serving. It is a life that you are empowering, it is a seed that you are planting. Don’t ever think that you must get something in return. Live to serve a purpose.

Don’t think that you have to convert someone to your way of thinking. When you crossed someone’s path; just know that they are watching you planting seeds even when you think that they are not acknowledging you. Tune in to this week’s newsletter video, where I shared how it can be a positive thing to cross someone else’s path. And I invite you to share your breakthroughs in the comment box. 

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