Crying is not a sign of weakness,It makes you strength!!-Story reveals the medical benefits of crying.

Crying is good for you!!!

A Medical story of RAKHI & SARA


Rakhi  is the Bright student pursuing his graduation in a Renowned Institution.He fell in love with a Beautiful, Intelligent girl Sara.

Sara doesn’t show any interest to him & she focused exclusively to her studies and Passion.

Then,What will happen?

Like majority of stories,this fellow Rakhi went to Love Failure.Symptoms started!!!

Ooohhh!!!!! Pathetic Rakhi!!!

Rakhi’s studies deteroriated,he lost his focus and got sick due to his mental instability,Improper diet and inadequate sleep.

Sara came to know about his status through his friend and wanted to help him.{She is real Heroine! Right??}


Dr.Jansheer is the Veteran Psychiatrist who has a successful background in his career and also father of Sara.

Sara discussed about Rakhi’s status to his father and requested him to help Rakhi to get rid of his problem.

After getting acceptance,Sarah brought Rakhi to her father for treatment.

Rakhi’s symptoms:

  • Hopeless look
  • Lack of Interest
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability,Anger
  • Reckless behaviour
  • Appetite and sleep disturbances
  • Frequent cold attacks.

Dr.Jansheer concluded the diagnosis as Early stages of Depression.

Dr.Jansheer and Rakhi:

Doctor enquired about his Emotional status after refusal.

Rakhi informed that he want to cry but he suppressed because he felt that crying is a sign of weakness.

What??Crying is a sign of weakness??!!!!


Crying is a sign of Strength!!! It’s our Natural way to reduce Stress.


Ok..Let’s continue the story..

Doctor explained about crying benefits to Rakhi. Come, We will also grab it’s benefits!!

Crying Benefits:

  • Expression of any emotion is not a weakness.Don’t suppress your emotions, it may cause congestion to your body.
  • Crying doesn’t make you weak.But pretending not to cry make you weak.
  • Crying stimulates the production of Endorphins which is body’s natural pain killer!! So relieves you from all kind of pain.
  • You feel good after cry because there is production of Oxytocin during crying.
  • Crying reduces Manganese{trace element}which is associated with Aggression and Irritability.So you will be cool after cry.
  • Crying decreases Cortisol which builds up during emotional confusion.
  • Sobbing may even lift up your spirits! Recover you from Grief! Accept your loss!
  • Just remember Rakhi, the first cry out of the womb is important for a baby to start its Breathing.
  • Above all,Crying elicits Sympathy,Assistance & draws individual closer to one another.
  • Crying is good for you until you don’t use it as a weapon.

Hurrah!!! This much benefits?!!

Dear Rakhi,Have a good cry,wash out your Heart.{You want to say right?!! }

Doctor advised him to

  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Adequate Sleep


Rakhi followed the Doctor’s advice and start evaluating himself and try to understand Sara’s passion.

Rakhi find his happiness and back to his original form!!

Things to Understand:

  • Show your Compassion through Actions like Sarah.Such a Compassionate attitude!!


  • Don’t suppress your Emotions.Crying is good for you until you don’t use it as a weapon.
  • Rise in Love!! Don’t fall in love.Control your chemicals!! Read more
  • Science always surprises us!!


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