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“A positive mind looks for ways it can be done; a negative mind looks for way it can’t be done.”

~ Napoleon Hill

Why is cultivating a positive mindset so important?

Have you ever excelled at something or achieved a goal without a positive mindset? What about making that 6-foot putt? How about getting a promotion? Or winning a race? I’ll bet not. I know I never have. If I don’t have a positive mindset, all bets are off. I will fail. Any yet, as I type this, it occurs to me that this is simply a thought. “If I don’t have a positive mindset I will fail.” Is that true? Maybe, maybe not. What I do know is that my chances of failing without a positive mindset are much greater than if I do have a positive attitude about achieving anything.

Cultivating my positive mindset

My coach and I work on my mindset every week. I know the power of my thoughts, and I’m learning how valuable they can be on the one hand, and how much havoc they can wreck on the other. My positive mindset is one of my biggest and best assets. But like the “little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead” fame, when my thoughts are positive, I’m on fire; but when I doubt myself, I can dissolve into a puddle of tears.

Change your mindset

That’s when my coach invites me to examine my thoughts around a given circumstance. We look at the feelings that my thoughts create and the actions that I take when I believe the thought and then what happens as a result. When we dissect our patterns this way it makes it easier to see where a change needs to take place. It’s very important to write out this process and then step back and look at what has come to light. This is critical when you’re building a business or going through any challenge where your thoughts may be telling you a lie.

The law of attraction

What you’re thinking about creates your vibration, your energy. If you think the same thought over and over it becomes a belief. You are the creator of your reality. When your belief about your desire matches your desire, there’s no conflict, but if your belief about your desire doesn’t, well, there you are, back to not achieving what you want to achieve.

For example, if you think “I’d sure like to go to Europe” but you believe “I can’t afford it.” How does that make you feel? Angry? Jealous? Stuck? And what do you do when you feel that way? Ignore your friends and family? Drink or eat to numb your feelings? And what’s the result? You don’t go to Europe or anywhere else, for that matter.

Change the thought…

Now, what happens when you change your thought? The result you want is “I’m going to Europe” ask yourself, what do you need to think to make that happen? “It will cost $xxxx.xx — I can save that in xx months.” And how do you feel when you think “I can save that in six months?” Happy, excited, enthusiastic, right? Pretty soon, you’re happily doing all sorts of things to save money for this great trip, and you book the trip. Same desire, different result.

Your Life. Your Choice

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