Recently, my husband Glenn and I decided to elevate our living space by placing some stunning orchids around the house. As I watched the amount of diligent love and care Glenn provided for these flowers so they could truly thrive — from a 5-ice-cube-diet to morning sunlight to friendly conversations — I was struck by the attention and quality care these flowers required. 

Glenn’s dedicated practice reminded me of something that’s easy to forget amid our current circumstance: we all deserve that same dedication to divine care and attention for ourselves! While that doesn’t necessarily mean sunbathing and an ice cube diet, that does mean that each one of us has to pause, reflect, and respond to the desires of our inner Queen. 

On a good day, it’s easy to allow our inner Queen to be silenced by long to-do lists, frustrating commutes, and chaotic workdays. We slip into the Masculine and become burned-out vessels of busyness, action, and hustle. But in times like these, when anxiety is at an all-time high, incomes are unstable at best, and we’re collectively facing the gradual reopening of the country? 

These are times when we crumble…OR we step into our power and rise up like a Queen. By connecting to our inner Queens, we’re able to be clear on our desires, find the power in our passion, and recognize and respond to our deepest needs, including indulging in some Queenly self-care! 

From baths with luxurious oils to closet organization, a Queen knows how to cultivate awareness of self-care in all circumstances. So how can you apply this principle to your life? Allow the three tips shared below to inspire you to revive, relax, and restore your gorgeous, Queenly self.

Deepen your presence

This time at home has been a gift for me, allowing me to tap into my desire for self-care and indulge. While that doesn’t mean neglecting work — in fact, my schedule is more full than ever! — it means that a break from the constant jet-setting and offers me the chance to simply experience life at home with a deeper presence. From paying attention to how good it feels to take a bath or actively taking part in every element of my morning routine, I’m prioritizing what feels pleasurable while actively cultivating a feeling of indulgence in every aspect of my day. Take the time to become more aware of your daily activities, and presence yourself in the midst of pleasure.

Give yourself permission to splurge

For too long, women have been made to feel like spending — much less splurging! — on themselves is anything from a character flaw to a cardinal sin. This goes back to ingrained money mindsets and lifestyle lessons we all learned as children and young adults: that money is limited, every penny needs to be pinched, and indulging is a “reward” for accomplishing some task. Well, I’ve got news for you, Queen! Intentionally splurging on yourself not only connects you more deeply to your inner Queen but begins to shift your mindset from “I have to earn this” to “I deserve this!” Whether it’s a beautiful dress, a luxurious hair oil, or a new collection of bath salts to up-level your beauty routine, give yourself permission to splurge and love yourself up! 

Cultivate beauty

Glenn and I didn’t choose orchids for their ease of care; we chose them for their breathtaking beauty. The impact of these stunning blossoms — along with the gorgeous turquoise sofa and the lux set of matching hangers in my (newly organized and color-coordinated!) closet — on our living space is tangible. Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself what it would look like to intentionally cultivate beauty in your life? Does it mean investing in some gorgeous houseplants, refreshing your living spaces with a deep clean, or brightening up the paint in your bedroom? Meditate on this for a moment, and when you’re clear on what lights you up and brings joy and beauty to your life, take the first step toward cultivating a life that looks as fabulous as it feels. 

Now that you’ve given yourself permission to indulge in self-care, consider what that looks like for you! It is your duty as a Queen to rise up and serve at her highest level, but first, you’ve got to fill your cup through a dedicated practice of self-care. Meditate on what makes your soul feel refreshed, revived, and restored, and manifest a daily practice to keep you living your most epic, divine life!