Celebrating Women, celebrating Music, celebrating Creations, HELLO 2018.

What a wonderful time we are living in with all of these educational tools and conferences that go on in & around the world.  The A3C Conference is the best event to attend to learn from the innovators, entrepreneurs & music makers that shape culture.

Over the 3-days A3C hosts dozens of panels, mentor sessions, workshops, and interviews with hundreds of tastemakers, thought-leaders and industry experts. I wish I knew about these kinds of conferences when I was a young entrepreneur artist growing up in this ever changing fast paced world & society.  We are exposed to so much that we can get lost in knowing which way to turn with technology & social media.  It’s so vital that we learn from the generations before us, educate ourselves now through communities, & here at the A3C Conference in Atlanta, GA one can actually go & meet these wonderful-powerful women in person.  Click here how to participate here.

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 Keisha Lance Bottoms (Mayor of Atlanta)  

How Ethiopia Habtemariam Became Universal Music Group’s Most Powerful African-American Woman: ‘I Love Proving People Wrong’  

Ethiopia Habtemariam (Motown Records, President)  Read the full article here on Billboard.

Dia SimmsPresident of Comb Enterprises   Image: Andrew Kung

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs or executives who want to step in the business and truly make an impact?

Dia Simms: Life is not a race. We’re very fast paced here, so I don’t say that lightly. But, you really should take the time to get the best out of each moment. Now that I’m older, I see a lot of people who are shocked by the decade that just passed. If you’re not intentional with how valuable each minute is, [life] will pass you by — and you will live a sad and disappointing life. I’m not talking about being rich. I’m talking about true fulfillment. When you’re 20-years-old, you’re trying to move really fast like everybody else. We all get the same amount of time a day. We need to be very intentional about what we do with it. What is meant for you will be for you. Be comfortable betting on yourself. I don’t mind working in different industries for different people. Develop the willingness to walk away, and the willingness to negotiate — these two things can be the difference between living a life of purpose and abundance, or living a life of unhappiness and regret.

The Corner Office read the full article here.

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Action Summit: 

The Action Summit for Social Justice connects activists, academics and artists to discuss social justice challenges, learn from community leaders and develop actionable initiatives.

Creator Complex

The Creator Complex will connect artists and producers with creative professionals to create valuable digital assets… for free!

A Space for Artists to Create and Collaborate

Learn, know & understand your morals and values. I look forward to attending the event this year, sharing with you tons of great vibes and inspirations!  Special shout out to my girl Alessandra Levy for turning me onto this powerhouse event!

Much love and peace.  xo  Kyriaki