The Cups of Consciousness are sound healing meditations that engage your energetic self. As you listen, you will awaken to greater states of connection, empowerment, support, peace, and joy.

This Cup of Consciousness is a key foundational piece. Believe in yourself, more specifically the light of your essence. The more you believe in your light the more empowered, clear, and supported you will be. This will also help cultivate greater self-love, which is always a good thing to work on.

Use this link to listen to the audio meditation:

· Hold your awareness in this present breath of now and in your divine line.

· Energetically locate and retrieve all responsibility you ever gave another for validating, approving of you, seeing you, cherishing you, loving you, or believing in you.

· Take a moment to hold your awareness in your divine line and allow that energetic aspect of you to gather these responsibility off of everyone and everything.

· Hold responsibility for believing in yourself.

· Recognize one positive quality that flows in your divine line.

· Value, appreciate, respect, embrace, and believe in the current of light that flows within you.

· Believe in that divine part of you.

· Be supported by that energy more than anything else.

· Toning and light language to assist you in retrieving responsibility, and cultivating greater belief in that divine part of you that has a wisdom and mastery.

· Activate the vibration of self-love in your divine line.

May you believe and rely upon that divine aspect of you in every breath.

Blessings, Aleya Dao

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