The Cups of Consciousness are sound healing meditations that engage your energetic self. As you listen, you will awaken to greater states of connection, empowerment, support, peace, and joy.

Your body is in a constant process of evolution. When you invite your body to use its energetic self to evolve the process is much easier.

Use this cup to help your body re-calibrate to a higher vibration that is more evolved. As this happens old patterns are released. This release process can be disorienting because simultaneously a new blueprint for the body is being woven in a higher realm. This cup will help sooth, comfort, and calm the body as it embraces a higher vibration and consciousness.

Use this link to listen to the audio meditation:

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body to energetically locate this higher dimension that holds the blueprint of what your body is evolving into.
  • Invite your body to connect with a more evolved consciousness in a higher realm.
  • Invite your body to gently unravel and release discordant grids of consciousness within it’s etheric body.
  • Invite your body deva to reweave it’s etheric self for a more connected, empowered, and supported vibration.
  • Remind your body to hold appropriate attachment and focus on it’s etheric body.

May you body gently evolve using it’s etheric self.


Aleya Dao

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