All drugs are not addictive but yes there are a few that can make us highly dependent on them. Addiction, as per medical terms, is a psychological or physical need for something to the extent that becomes harmful to the person who is addicted.

It is a condition where a person is not able to control his/her use of intake of a medicine or a drug.

We tend to be addicted to drugs to cope up with everyday life. People often use certain drugs daily because they consider them important over other activities or relations.

 For example, people who are workaholic and have work stress are often seen suffering restless sleeps. This is not just with working people, those who have stressful personal life also fall into this category.

Sleep is considered to be the most important activity of the day and the lack of it can lead to many mental disorders. People eat medicines to fall asleep and also to get relieved from stress but besides this, they get addicted to such drugs.

It has been seen that people generally get addicted to medicines that provide pain relief or can provide rest to our mind. 

We can call it a brain condition when we rely upon external sources to calm us down. Let’s try to know some of these conditions where we fall addicted to drugs.

Common Health Conditions That Can Make Us Drug Addict


People who are not able to sleep properly and suffer from short-term insomnia get dependent on sleeping pills. A lot of people do not realize that they have been addicted to them until and unless they stop taking their medication and experience withdrawal from sleep.

Anxiety and Depression

People who are facing problems with their personal life are often seen to suffer from anxiety. Maybe they feel like having butterflies in their stomach or can even feel that they are not able to control certain emotions and feeling alone. This feeling of loneliness leads to depression that can make us drug addicted. It has been seen that anxiety and depression thrive on sugar that leads to diabetes also.

Pain and Cold

We often feel moderate pain in our body due to cold. It has been seen that there are many people who take some cold or pain relief medicines. These medicines are a concoction of different drugs that provide relief from pain and make us addicted to them.

Ways to Cure the Above Health Conditions Preventing Us from Being Drug Addicted


Yoga is the ancient art that has the cure to all our health conditions ranging from minor to major. All the above disorders are related to our brain and the best way to cure them is to relax or brain. Pranayama yoga breathing exercise can act as a brain fertilizer. You can even try meditation to relax your mind.


Music has always been regarded as the second-best healer after time. Music can take you on a journey that is full of peace and the best part it can be moderated depending on our mood. There are different ways in which you can infuse music into your life and heal your restless mind. You can play different musical instruments or can just go for free songs download to access free music of your choice.

Physical activities

Introducing some physical exercises in your life not only heal your present condition but also boost your confidence and divert your mind. Physical activities can also improve brain conditions like stress and depression. You can try individual or group activities.


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