The official launch is thirty-six hours away and you’re yet to catch that nasty bug in the prototype. The project manager is constantly calling – pushing for progress. No matter how hard you try; your mind won’t stop wandering. Your productivity has hit a new low. Workplace stress impedes your productivity. This weight gets heavier as the deadline draws near. Haven’t I just described the typical unmotivated employee? The word “burnout” often gets thrown around. How do you recharge the mental “fuel”? Interestingly, mental exhaustion isn’t a biological phenomenon. It’s a blend of exhaustion, pessimism and listlessness. How do we alleviate burnout and regain control? Here are three actionable tips you can implement today.

Taking charge: 3 Practical Tips

1. Meditate

Let your creative juices flow. It’s time to reflect. Find a quiet, relaxed space and soul search. What powers your mind? How do you recharge this battery? When we’re overwhelmed by tasks at the workplace, our self-awareness suffers most. How do you connect with your subconscious? Through meditation. Listen to your soul and you will start looking at things from a different perspective. Start by setting up your room.

2. Master a skill

When did you pick up on a new skill? Hobbies don’t have to be expensive. Make it a habit of learning a new thing every day. Psychologists often advocate learning the guitar. While mastering the chords isn’t rocket science – it instils the right mindset. Progress will be slow at first but your curiosity will ensure you’re playing your favourite jams in no time.

3. Tone your cooking skills

Look around. What equipment do you have? Perhaps there’s that blender that you only use on Christmas Eve. Make the most out of it. Is your cooker equipped with an oven? Make the most out of it. What do birthday parties, graduations and weddings have in common? They all involve cakes! Find the least utilized kitchen appliance and figure out what you could make with it. I personally love experimenting with the deep fryer and trying out new recipes.