Press conference in Natraj Arts & media College Nagpur

A young man, once longed for making another state of mind and tested the plain presence of the Universe. Today, the inventive thoughts of this young man have prompted the making of the world’s smallest & Lightest satellite ‘HAWK SAT’ gauging an astounding 29 grams, that as well, in eight days! and Published a book on the Existence of Human being. His Curiosity of Finding the answer to his questions build the Company Named “COSMAGEN – The Generation of cosmonautics”

‘Rajatkumar Dani’, the central coach of the venture, dependably longed for altering the world and has composed a few research papers. Conspicuous among these is ‘Fundamental Understanding of Universe/Connected Universe’ distributed in It discusses human presence on Earth and the arrangement of Earth and the Universe. He published 4 research paper at the ages of 19 years old and recently he published a research paper about the “Ark of Covenant”

All of 20 years, Rajatkumar from Bhiwapur close Nagpur, has dependably been keen on Universe however got tangled in the stale instruction framework and score-driven investigations. To break this dreary framework and to break the hindrances in instruction, he established ‘Cosmagen Space Organization’ when he was in Class IX in 2011. The association was a body for understudies keen on thinking of new advancements in differed fields and activities, which are feasible for enhancing and enabling human life.

Rajatkumar says, When I was a child … doesn’t mean I am an elder now but yes when I don’t know about life, hardships, etc I was playful, kiddish… but once thoughts and rationalism started evoking in me I started questioning, reasoning, finding reasons and relating life to universe and found Universe is nothing but that is in us…

Our life is a part of the Universe and also the whole universe is nothing but that sits in our brain and fits us completely… Guess its confusing.

Yes, we form a part of the universe and impact almost all minutes that constitute the universe and we are engaged with all the things… Any change will leave a deadly, long-lasting impact in relation to us…

When I started relating things, many confusions aroused few things tricked me, few things tickled me, few more were still ignorant to my observation… was unable to completely relish the connection,.. and out of the half-knowledge I used to gain every-time a refresh button I was to click … but I did not exhaust for repeating this process…

something kept the spirit in me alive and I was able to restart afresh …
After few attempts that took few years of time have realized the ways to relate which I vividly mentioned in my book how and where I have found and what was from my side – feelings, resentment, motivating factors, and every minute that’s troubling me in decoding the patterns that lay deep down undiscovered in the layers of universe.

Eventually, all the glimpses combined to drift down like pages in the book that would help many to rediscover what I had already and would even help in cracking down the unaccomplished strange patterns hidden beyond eyes of the humanitarian race…

The Universe is alive. Everything is connected, Space is filled with energy which can transform our civilization. Power generation, Gravity Control, Driving Vibrant health of individual and environmental as a whole. Universe Is filled with mysteries. It is fascinating to realize if human move in empty space in every atom of every human being on the planet.

What will we discover when we explored? How is it connected to us?
Who they are?
Was a god an astronaut?

Remember one thing, Universe is a limitless Machine where resources are limited, where everything happens at random having towards disorder. This perspective differentiates from scientific Theories. This time is to shift our perspective to solve this problem.

Being a homosapien and most intelligent species on planet Earth I feel it’s my, your and indeed everybody’s duty to contribute towards sustainability and rebuild planet ready for better tomorrow.