Have you ever thought what your customers think about your business, what they think about your product and services? Or what makes other entrepreneur more successful than you?

Running a business is not an easy task and you will come across such questions a bit more often when you will think about how some factors influence the customers of your business. In numerious situations, these factors affect their decision to make a purchase from your brand like logo design.

Here are some of the most common factors you will have to work on, to influence your customers in all the positive ways.

1. Are you consistent enough and is it convenient for your customers with your Logo design?

The reason why we talk more about consistency and convenience before anything else is that some customers are very rigid that once they make a decision, they usually stick to it.

It is very simple, almost all customers see their convenience that they stand by the decision they make regardless of so many other choices.

You can use this principle to convince the customer and get them to commit. Once the customer is committed and like using it too, they will stick to the decision and complete their purchase.

Again, this is human nature to be comfortable and consistent with things they have done previously and liked too. Customers always do that, they make sure that their actions are lined up with their intentions to maintain consistency. Customers look for so many other things in a brand, even the smallest of things can leave a huge impact on them, such as the logo of your brand, an unique logo design attracts so many customers.

Obviously, this is a type of public commitment thay helps increase the chances that you will purchase one of their products like Synthesis or Scribe.

2. Play it safe in scarcity        

In a scenario of a product being rare in the market, there will be a huge number of people ready to pay higher value for that product resulting in more demand of the same product. The nature, size or colour of the product doesn’t matter here.

Big companies and brands use different tactics to deal with this phase of scarcity by coming up with different kinds of sales and discount offers, making their customers feel that scarcity has no effect on their business and they have enough stock of the product that they are allowing so much discount. This way brands build trust in the market.

This is human nature that many consumers believe that if a product is difficult to get then it is certainly better in terms of quality. This way availability factor is linked with the quality factor.

3. Do you know what your friends are using?

When your customers find themselves stuck with lots of confusion, they observe what others are doing. Similarly, when they are confused about which product they should go for, they observe what others are buying. It feels so good in knowing that other people are also doing the same thing as you, it makes them feel.

While running a business, you can use this strategy to increase sales. Just like marketing advertisement usually uses endorsements or reviews from other customers. These can influence the decisions of potential customers. Well, according to a report more than ninety percent of customers like to read the reviews of that specific product before making a decision to buy it online.

Therefore, having an online presence with honest reviews on your product helps you attract more customers. To help in increasing the sales, you can use these reviews to assure your new customers that how many satisfied customers you already have in the list.

In fact the main objective of social proof is to showcase that consumers are using and also loving your product.

Similarly, the way your product looks ultimately impact the customer’s decision to buy it. Where some reviews give information about how the product is performing post purchase, an image or a photo of the product shows how it looks and helps the customers to make it’s first impression of the product.

4. It’s good to ask an expert!

Some customers often find it a good idea to ask for an expert’s advice to buy or not to buy a product. There is a reason why experts are called experts and therefore, consumers often look to experts for tips and advice.

It is certain that when a famous or reputed influencer gives positive feedback about your products or services, just don’t waste time and display it on your website and on banners and everywhere possible.

 It will definitely help you increase the sales. Just look for a big celebrity or leader that your target customers would easily believe in, let them represent your brand. This is another unique way in which you can influence potential customers.


Everything that we have discussed above will help you create a great impact on your customers and also on the “wanna be customers” as well. All you need to do is to follow these steps in the right manner. And then, see you gain more new customers and sales.