We live in world, a place in time, where we despise the thought of Monday and drive TGI (thank god it’s) Friday. Do you know what’s worse? It has become a universal law, worshiped and practiced by many.

Where did we go so wrong as a society? When did we accept in business that our work is meaningless, that it is reasonable to compromise our purpose and that our dreams are buried with a mentality to “work” day and day out, to “just do your job your paid for”. When did we become puppets being pulled on a string?

When did we accept that it was okay to sacrifice who we are and as a society create mass murder of our workplace culture. A society denying the very essence of caring about people as human beings. Isn’t that what culture is? Isn’t that what leadership is about?

When did we start to view people as objects? When did we decide that defining people as functions that this would create success within organizations or business, whilst killing the very spirit that connects the head and heart of people.

What happened to genuine care of people? Workplaces with their unspoken rules, the smoke and mirrors and the BS gossip that runs rife and eats the souls of people.

Where is that environment that embodies safety, care and individuality? The responsibility that we grow people, that as leaders we fully care for our people and nurture their development so they can be their true selves so that both business and people can flourish. Research has demonstrated time after time, that the way people are led and treated profoundly affects their life. Don’t we think it;s time to honor people’s commitment to the 38 hour, 40 hour, 50 week and to lead, treat and inspire them?

Imagine a workplace where people bring more meaning to their life through work and feel more valued and connected to living their life on purpose. Imagine a world like that.

They say it only exists in fairy tales. I say we have opportunity to create environments where we harness the universal law that every human being is predestined to greatness. That leaders are responsible to facilitate people realizing and unlocking their human potential.

What if leadership was something bigger than oneself. What if accountability and responsibility would encompass inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves and to step into who they were becoming?

What would our culture look like then? What would happen to families when mothers, fathers, children returned home from work with more meaning, feeling fulfilled that they have lived their purpose every day? What would happen to productivity within business? What would you notice as the ripples continued?

When we stand in our power and serve with privilege, environments foster contribution, harness individuality and people experience the greatest gift to humanity — the art of fulfillment.

People, product and service work in harmony to create successful business. The model serves as the vehicle that enriches the lives of all. Imagine business embracing the vision of enriching the lives of all. Is that not a gift for the world?

Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com on June 18, 2016.

Originally published at medium.com