Susurro was founded by two sisters Margaret & Melissa Lima, who noticed the lack of diverse silhouettes when looking for accessories and how that would drastically limit their choices. The pair saw a gap in the world of fashion and knew they had what it takes to close it. They sought to bring change to the industry by introducing new choices and unique designs in order to be more accessible to a broader audience. Melissa, having already worked in the industry, got her start handcrafting accessories on her own that were unique but timeless, while still managing to capture the luxury that everyone desires to attain through accessorizing. Their collections have caught the attention of women who are born to stand out and make daring choices with their fashion. The sisters also have a passion for mental health and believe that fashion and accessories can help improve one’s overall mood through a number of factors. They create their products with that fact in mind and hope that each one of their creations will improve someone’s day. 

When it comes to craftsmanship, the Lima sisters never compromise on quality. Susurro’s collections are handcrafted by the finest artisans in New York; the design process, material selection, and handcrafting all occur in the fashion capital of the United States. They pay close attention to detail when creating their iconic handbags and shoes and their designs have left a lasting impression on the fashion industry as well as their customers. Their designs are motivated by bringing about change in the fashion industry. They want to make it more inclusive rather than doing the same styles that have been around forever. 

The Lima sisters believe that a handbag should be three things – stylish, elegant, and timeless, and their designs stick to those ideals. Their one of a kind designs and style set them apart and breathe life back into the fashion industry with their fresh and unique ideas. Although you never know what to expect when it comes to their brand, there is always a guaranteed wow factor that leaves everyone wanting more. Most importantly, Susurro is more than just a brand and the sisters have set up a ‘One Day I Will ’ movement which seeks to support children explore their dreams and talents. Each year Susurro sponsors several children in education and extracurricular activities in countries with low economic opportunities.

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with Margaret and Melissa to talk about their inspiration behind their brand and the overall connection between fashion and mental health. Both women felt strongly that the fashion industry could be doing more to support mental health, and they are not only walking the walk, but they’re also talking it too. Susurro is a brand that aims to help women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. They emphasize the importance of individuality and standing out which in such troubling times in the world is something that we can all focus on. The brand Susurro portrays an empowering journey about two entrepreneurs who overcame the hardships of COVID and created a positive outcome in their own way.

Courtesy of Susurro

What made you want to go into the fashion industry? 

We wanted to bring diversity through silhouette and design while contributing to making women feel confident and set the trend.  

Where does the name Susurro come from? 

‘Susurro’ translates to ‘whisper’ in Spanish. We are of Cuban & Brazil ian heritage and our collections are designed to ‘whisper’ sophistication whilst being bright and vibrant in style & design.  

How do you think the fashion industry will change post covid? 

The industry will become more digitalized, with many brands using innovative technological developments.  

How do you think the fashion industry has evolved over the last 5 years? 

The fashion industry has become more inclusive and open. More and more emerging brands are able to enter the industry and introduce their product offering without limitation. Also, with the development of social media, the fashion industry has become more adaptable. 

Do you think there is a connection between fashion and mental health? 

Yes, we often hear the phrase ‘when you look good you feel good’, and this is very true! Fashion is very powerful as not only does it give an individual power to express their individuality, it also helps them feel confident. Fashion can have a positive impact on mental health. When we design, we design to bring joy and confidence. As designers, we know the importance of handcrafting collections that have a positive effect on our customers. We want our customers not only to feel confident but to also feel happy and creative.  

How do you think fashion can potentially improve one’s mental health? 

Fashion helps embody the state of mind. There are numerous ways in which fashion can improve an individual’s mental health. For example, fashion enables the stimulation of creativity which subsequently leads to increased self-esteem as an individual is able to style themselves in a way that makes them feel good.  

Do you think fashion designers and the industry as a whole put enough emphasis on the importance of mental health? 

The industry and designers can definitely do more to put an emphasis on the importance of mental health. We believe as designers it is our duty to ensure that we support mental health and encourage positivity through design and inclusivity.  

How do you think the fashion industry impacts mental health? 

The fashion industry impacts mental health through messages present in campaigns and movements.  

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change? 

I think the fashion industry does need to do more to raise awareness around mental health. That is one aspect that we would change.  

How do you prioritize your mental health while also putting a significant amount of time and effort into your career?

We are passionate about being designers and we love what we do. We are also aware that we must prioritize our mental health and we do this by designating ‘me time’. Our ‘me’ time involves just relaxing watching our favorite show, going to a spa, or on vacation.  

What is something people may not know about you and your brand? 

A lot of people don’t know that we founded a ‘One Day I Will’ movement to support and sponsor children across the world to have access to extra curriculum activities and school.