Maybe the issue was me or had I been out of the game so long that I had forgotten how to play? Or maybe I simply no longer playing in that market.

The D was coming to Milan before flying out to his consulting position abroad – of course we were worlds apart (his words) geographically. Did that also mean energetically?

Based on the facts at hand, I had been mitigating any risk of heart break – maybe the past six months of legal practice had made me risk adverse, or maybe, I knew exactly what I wanted. 

I have always had an analogy between dating and shopping – know what you want and buy quality, remembering the bitterness of poor quality but also knowing that quality does not always equate to the highest price point – even Prada’s revenue is suffering in recent years.  Similar to the adage that finding your wedding dress is like meeting the one,  this was a timely analogy because I was in Milan to study Management of Luxury And Fashion companies. Impressed by the first class which opened with the idea that the desire of a luxury brand is created by the notion that you cannot have the object.

Was that what I was feeling? 

If you apply yogic philosophy and go deeper, it was perhaps a question of my own self worth – did I value myself enough to earn the luxury good – or was I only comfortable shopping in the aspirational segment of the market? If that theory is true – I had more work to do and would have to get back to my yoga mat to work it out. 

Of course, everyone is worthy of someone that loves them with reciprocal energy, passion and intensity. I knew for sure that I wouldn’t play in the accessible market – say no to Coach or Korrs – just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you should buy it! Everything has its place at a certain time – even those who shop in the mass market know that a Zara dress has its place but doesn’t generally make the long term cut.  

Lucky my Nonna, who was a seamstress in her village, taught me about style and how to shop for fine threads (while avoiding the premium price point – sorry Prada, although there is still something about Coco….)!

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