Father and nine-year-old daughter cancer survivors unite to create a line of unique bracelets to help put an end to Childhood Cancer.

9 year old Rebecca “Becca Boo” Salmins, AND her dad, both beat cancer. Now, together, they want to pay it forward by raising awareness and money for childhood cancer research.

Becca and her dad have launched a company called Knots & Arrows that sells bracelets and donates a portion of proceeds to Tackle Kids Cancer, the charity that New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning supports. Becca is a big Giants fan and loves Eli Manning. While working with Tackle Kids Cancer, Manning frequently visited Hackensack University Medical Center and saw Becca while she was undergoing chemotherapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. They formed a unique bond which is why she chose to associate Knots and Arrows with the Tackle Kids Cancer organization.

Why the name Knots and Arrows? During Becca’s fight with cancer, two inspirational quotes encouraged her family along the way. These two mantras collided and the company name, Knots and Arrows was born.

Even the the material chosen to make the bracelets has a special meaning. Each bracelets is made from swimsuit material as a reminder to “just keep swimming,” a saying that Becca often said to herself during her two and a half year cancer battle.

A Kickstarter was set up to help raise funds to get get Knots and Arrows off the ground. Becca reached her goal in the first 10 days of the campaign, and now, she’s hoping to continue to raise even more money for Knots and Arrows so she can use her own battle to pay it forward and help other children facing cancer.

Want to help Becca’s mission to end childhood cancer? Visit her Kickstarter where you can also see all of her bracelet collections.

You can still back her project through the end of February. Then, keep an eye out for the Knots & Arrows website to go live where you can buy her bracelets directly there, and a portion of proceeds go to childhood cancer charities.

You can follow Becca on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates on Knots & Arrows. You’ll also get a peak into her life where you’ll get to see some silliness like this…

and this…

And also this.

Originally published at medium.com