My dad was an amazing man ,I say that through the eyes of the woman I have become not the little girl that adored daddy

Daddy’s are so important to little girls they are the movers and shakers guiding us into the world of masculine energy and our connection and understanding of this alien species whom we know love us but are different to us even at an early age.

My dad was a giant of a person he had a huge personality, he was bright and light and free, his gifts were to live in joy and always seeking a sense of fun and adventure , exploring who he was through the gateways of life and wonder rather than books and study ,he was a go getter and if he said he was doing something he did it, these gifts of integrity leave an imprint on a girl.

Heart lessons on who to become are shaped by such things.

As children we sense and feel what’s true and what we see to be true in actions rather than words,this was a huge teaching for me and one I hold in myself and carry to others now. Its built in the DNA it can’t be changed when changes come it’s inherent ,the imprint set in stone, the dye has been cast.

Love was like the fragrance of a rose gently wafting through our hearts and our house we always knew it was there and surrounding us.

We lived in laughter and our house was a beacon sending it’s signal out into our community, our neighbours and all the kids that came to tea or to have Pjama parties came in on that consciousness that was light and airy, open and allowing .For some the children who lived in heavier households became daily visitors like moths to the flame because light calls us to its warmth and welcomes all.

I have so many gifts that my dad bestowed on me mostly the gift of joy and laughter and that great sense of innocence and wonder that so many lose in childhood is alive and well within me , Im a big character like my dad and I carry the gifts of greatness that he left behind in me .

I am strong in my sense of self it is the compass that has guided me safely to shore many times over. I’m now an adventurous soul like my dad ,he left me with life skills that have served me well into my adulthood ,I look each day in the eye and ask “what you got for me today life”?

I do most things I intend to do unless there is a life reason not to,I dance way into the night and laugh at the moon and all the shadows that lurk and skulk in the world to take you out of the essence of love. Im saying “not today” my dad is in me and he’s an ambassador for love and so am i ! and he lives in my DNA, in my smile,in my heart, in my courage to live every day fully and with passion incase it might be my last.

So in my sharing what i can say with absolute knowingness is to remember the joy in all situations ,find the laughter and humour through all the crazy because it is the gift that will help you get through any passage or difficulty you might face well, secure and come out the other side still with your core in tact.

So i cherish the teachings of childhood which i live daily as a mantra to get up when you fall down,laugh instead of cry, see beauty in the ugly and stay in integrity to who you are today ,be mindful of others and their intentions for you but stay open and caring and kind ,stay awake and never stop dreaming the next dream no matter if some fall by the wayside or never get birthed keep finding the creativity of the next opportunities life presents to you thats how dreams dream us.

Dad passed sadly and unexpectedly at 38 years old ,I was 11years old and it was a great shock to me,i did not know how to comprehend that he wouldn’t be in my life anymore .

As a child we don’t know how to process all that we have inherited but I know now he’s still in my life as he always was just quietly watching out for me ,guiding me ,loving me supporting me because he is a part of me and that cannot die until I take my last breath upon the earth.

Our united legacy will live on just as he does,in the fragrance of a million roses gently scenting the winds in the hearts that his love touched all along the way through his own heart and then pased on through mine .

All love to great daddy’s out there if you are a daddy teach your son’s to be great men that’s the biggest gift YOU can pass on to them in this world .

For Goodness Sake mastery in the mayhem the podcast

All love cheaya