One of the challenges of being able to move through quarantine time is keeping our minds refreshed. There are different recommendations that the public has been given. Some people have told us the power of meditation. Others have recommended that we start to take advantage of our prolonged reading time. Then, of course, there are the typical responses of catching up on your movie time, painting, writing, and finding other creative things to do. While all of that is wonderful, such activities can also be mentally, and emotionally, draining. In fact jumping straight into such activities, on a daily basis, can also take a toll on our emotional and mental balance.

As with our bodies, and spirits, our minds also need to be fed. Proper mental nutrition is key. Mind exercises are vital in stimulating our mental juices; allowing us to kick off to a great start, during the course of the day. What’s really cool about designs and patterns is how they stimulate daily creativity for our minds. Just think about the level of creativity we become connected to, when our minds are exposed to unique, and unusual images. Reflect upon how our minds soak up holistic energy, and gets excited upon experiencing different patterns, and shaping, that we have never experienced, before. There is something about the mind, which impacts how we matriculate, and organize, throughout the course of the day.

Before starting our day, just the imagine the impact, we would have should we begin our day with a unique form of mental preparation. Morning rituals are so important. Mental nourishment is no exception to the rule. What would the impact be on your mental psyche should you wake up, refresh yourself, and first begin the day with looking at designs? How would this awaken you to new beginnings? How would this awaken you to embrace a new way of thinking in your work and career? Furthermore, how would your observation of patterns and designs ease any mental stress and tension? Just think about the different ways, that your mind finds comfort, in observing foreign, and unfamiliar, patterns. Imagine your brain being tensed and stressed, only for it to stretch itself out, in relaxation mode. How would you feel? How would your life change? We don’t know until we immerse into that energy. No one will know until we make it a daily habit of our morning culture. What are we waiting for? Let the mental nourishment of Universal patterning begin. Take all the time you need, and allow it to stimulate you into moments of mental ease. Finally, having that break. That special aha moment, where one becomes aware to a different way of thinking. Emotionally. Freeing ourselves of the mental constraints, that we have too often been imprisoned by.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark; Edited By Lauren K. Clark

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