We’ve been talking about gratitude a lot lately here on Anxiety Gone because studies have shown it to be a powerful coping method and management tool for anxiety.  However, since gratitude isn’t just about being grateful; it’s feeling and living with appreciation for even the smallest things in life, one of the easiest ways to harness the benefits of gratitude is to ask yourself daily gratitude questions.


11 Daily Gratitude Questions

To help you start training your brain to focus on the good found in every day, all you have to do is start asking yourself daily gratitude questions. We prefer to do this gratitude activity at night so we can reflect on the entire day and prepare a positive and grateful mindset for the next day.

  1. Who did I love?
  2. How can I make today better?
  3. How was I challenged?
  4. Who did I connect with?
  5. What am I grateful for?
  6. What did I learn?
  7. How did I grow?
  8. What made me laugh?
  9. What do I have to look forward to?
  10. What inspired me and why?
  11. What did I bring to the day?

The key is to find an answer to each one of the daily gratitude questions because there always is an answer. Having a mental illness can make it difficult to come across what inspires you or what challenges you overcame which is precisely why these daily gratitude questions as so important.

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude for Anxiety

We have a complete list of the benefits of practicing gratitude for anxiety in another blog post but here is a breakdown of what you can expect to happen when you start asking yourself daily gratitude questions.

  1. Practicing Gratitude Can Rewire Your Brain
  2. Gratitude Allows You To See Past Your Anxiety
  3. Being Grateful Helps You Live Well Despite Your Mental Illness
  4. Gratitude Helps Build Confidence to Eliminate Social Anxiety
  5. When You Have Gratitude, You’re More Optimistic
  6. The More Gratitude You Have, The Happier You’ll Become
  7. Gratitude Alleviates Stress
  8. By Focusing on the Good, You Sleep Better at Night

With regular practice, you’ll be able to rewire your brain and start seeing the positive with next to no effort. But it starts with practice. So, schedule in 15 minutes each night to go over these daily gratitude questions and let the healing begin.

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