As a human being, we need to develop and be well balanced in a few aspects in our life. Spiritual growth and development are one of them. Since young, I always feel that there is a Higher Being who “takes care” of the universe. This Higher Being is secular and benevolent to all living things and He has values which guide all living things, including human mankind to live harmoniously. I also believe he has assigned role and purpose for all living thing in universe. What role and purpose we play in our life is for us to discover and find out.

Hence, with this mindset, I am grateful to be a human being and for the past years, I have taken actions to find the higher connection to this Higher Being and apply His teachings (of compassion) to help the universe, especially mankind. It is my way of giving back to the universe and earth, where I have lived comfortably since birth. I have also been trying to find the role and purpose of my life. I am grateful for who I am and what I have. I strongly believe one of the purposes in my life is to share my experiences, especially in the spiritual growth and development area, to inspire reader of my article to discover their life purpose and to treasure every of their living day. Life is a precious gift that each of us are bestowed upon, to experience and learn the lessons that we have to learn. By being able to contribute my stories here, is itself a gift as well, as I am blessed to be able to write and share my stories to help other embark on their spiritual path.

Prayer is one of the secular activities that I undertake in my spiritual path. It is daily activity that I undertake, just before bedtime to help me know myself better, to know who I am and to grow internally. Prayer is critical to keep me in check, especially when I am sucked into our daily routines and responsibilities in life. To me, prayer is a mandatory self-care activity that provides me the space, to reset after a day of busyness.

Prayer brings me gratitude and nourish my heart, mind and soul and most importantly gives me an inner peace which no words can describe the calmness I feel after each prayer session.

My prayer is secular and I start my prayer session by sitting comfortably on my yoga mat and giving thanks for the five things for the day (for what I have, for the events and experiences that I encounter, including bad experiences). After giving thanks, I will practice at least 15mins of mindful breathing, focusing on each of my breath, allowing and thoughts to come and go and gradually feeling my mind and body becoming relaxed and calm. This sense of peace is a nice way to end the day and allows me to have a restful night, before I start the next day with a fresh start.

I hope this article motivates you to start a prayer session, start with two mins and gradually increase as each day go by. You will be amazed as how the prayer session transforms your mind and helps you see things with more clarity and peace.