While sitting in the audience, Temitara loved the scene that was playing before her.

Mrs Gbemi Akani was just invited to speak on “Starting Your Business from the Scratch”.

All along, Temitara had taken in all that had happened since 10 O’clock when the business seminar started.

Right there, she imagined herself starting and running the biggest Fast Food outlets in Magodo and Alausa in Nigeria.

In fact she aimed to become the best known brand in the Food industry in Nigeria. She had seen her chain of outlets all around Nigeria.

She saw herself travelling to different parts of the country and outside for vacations with her family.

She saw herself big.


That’s you!

You can see yourself out there in the future as whatever you had dreamed off.

But, start with what is right in front of you.

Start with that one bag of sachet water in the front of your house even if you have it all envisioned as the largest marketer of sachet and bottled water.

Start with that one bag of cement even if you are going to become the largest cement dealer in Kano or wherever.

Start speaking to those 3 people you are invited to speak to, even if all you see ahead of you is that 100, 000 audience size.

Write that 4 paragraphs article first before you publish that 150 pages book.

Accept to sing in that child’s birthday first even if you looked forward to being listed as “Top Ten Hip Pop Busters”

Make one shoe first even if you want to own the factory.

Yes, the dream will come true, but it starts from the humble beginning.

You will have to learn the ropes and climb from the lowest rung of the ladder.

You may have to clean the tables for others first, and when it is your time, table serving becomes thing of the past.

Don’t look down on the days of little beginnings, we all start from there.

Those small days are our CRUCIBLE MOMENTS.

They are our MAKING MOMENTS.


They pave the way to the top.

You will have to pass through the rough patches of the road before you get to the shining paths of the palace.

If you are in this season, be humble, learn and pay your dues.

There is a DUE PROCESS for everything.

Cherish this your small beginning.

What to do:

  1. What is that smallest thing you can do regarding your dream today? Come up with a list. Do just that.
  2. Have you bought any tool or equipment you need regarding the dream? Do you need to buy a microphone for your podcast? Or get an editing software? Go get anything no matter how small regarding that dream.
  3. Can you, at least send a message to someone who is doing exceedingly well in that area you are aspiring to be like; appreciate the person and ask the person, “Sir/ma, what are the challenges you have come across as an entrepreneur?” (replace entrepreneur with whatever it is for you).
  4. Is it possible for you to volunteer somewhere related to your dream? Even, if it is going to be 2 days in a week or 5 days in a month, or whatever.

Have a great day.

Daily Simple Challenge…Don’t do the hard things, do the simple things.

Featured image source: freepik