Damian Kassab Entrepreneurship

Burnout has been a hot topic lately and for good reason — burnout and its effect on the economy are estimated to cost the U.S. $300 million every year. 

Entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to burning out because they tend to overwork, often while socially isolating themselves. Entrepreneurs are also subjected to high levels of stress as their livelihoods are frequently dependent on their business’s success. 

To avoid entrepreneurial burnout, you need to learn to manage the stress that comes with running your business. Here are some tips that will help you avoid burnout and thrive as a busy entrepreneur.

Take Care of Yourself Physically.

The more we work, the less we tend to care for our physical health. As our schedules fill up, we neglect exercise and opt for convenient, processed food. These poor choices leave us feeling sluggish, less productive, and more stressed. 

Instead, we should be making our health a priority, no matter how busy we are. As the owner, your business depends on you, so try to see taking care of yourself as part of taking care of your business. We can all find 30 minutes a day to exercise. A daily workout is worth the time investment because it will relieve stress, keep you healthy and energized, and help you to be more productive. It’s also crucial to get an adequate amount of sleep and eat food that helps you to feel your best.

Prioritize Your Schedule.

An entrepreneur’s to-do list has the potential to be never-ending, so it’s important to prioritize your tasks. What are the things that only you can do that will give you the biggest return for your time investment? Once you’ve pinned down what those tasks are, put them first on your schedule for each day. Everything else should be delegated or only be tackled after your high-priority tasks are complete. 

Take Time Off.

Many entrepreneurs work 12 hours or more a day with little rest in between. While it may be necessary to work around the clock in certain seasons of your business, this is not a sustainable schedule. Regardless of how passionate you are, you need to take time off or you risk burning out. If you tend to be a workaholic, it’s time to give up the idea that your business will fail if you take some time away. Your business won’t fail if you take a few days off, but it might fail if you allow yourself to burn out. 

Entrepreneurs may be uniquely susceptible to burnout but that doesn’t mean it has to happen to you. If you are intentional about taking care of yourself physically, prioritizing your schedule, and resting as necessary, you (and your business) can thrive.