In a world full of opportunities and numerous options, one should be open to various fields based on their interests. One should not doubt their self-worth and capabilities until and unless one explores the world. One such man, who is doing the same and inspiring others, is Damon Wilson.

Source of inspiration behind Damon’s work

Damon says that his parents gave up their personal lives to give Damon a good life. It inspires him to work even hard. ‘I will never stop working until I repay them for everything they sacrificed

for me growing up.’ says Wilson.
Damon Wilson’s professional front

Damon Wilson is an athlete and model. He graduated from Georgia State University in 2020 and became a professional basketball player and an influencer. He is also working on a clothing company and a haircare brand by the name ‘CwHaircare.’
The key to Wilson’s success

Damon says that the key to his success so far has been to make goals ahead of time that you have a passion and desire for, no matter how big or small. He also says that one should go and do everything one can to achieve the set goals.
Mistakes that taught something valuable to Damon

‘One mistake that I made to this point that I want everybody to learn is that you are the one.’ says Wilson. Damon says that the person one is trying to become is already them. He says that one should carry forward the above-stated mindset into their practices every day, and they will succeed, no matter what.
One thing that Wilson did correctly to achieve success

Damon believes that his family has been a big crutch for him to take the risk and follow his dreams. Wilson says that he is on top of setting goals for himself in every chapter of his life to stay on track of retrieving his desired goals.
A life-changing moment For Damon

According to Damon, the most life-changing event in his life is when he left his family. When Wilson was a sophomore in high school, he started following his dreams of becoming a basketball player. He wanted to take his talents up north to New Jersey/New York to play in the best teams in the country.
Wilson’s long-term vision

Damon’s long-term goal is to become a millionaire and to have a successful clothing brand. He believes that it will provide him the freedom to give back to those in need, which he did not receive on his journey.