“I wanted to build a company where everyone wanted to be, where everyone matters,” Dan Trinidad says of his foray into the mortgage industry. “The reputations of mortgage brokers in the 80s were not very good; very few stood out. I felt that I could build a better mortgage company.”

With the guiding principle “Everyone Matters,” Dan founded Partners Mortgage in 1988. The company grew quickly and Dan and his team developed a mortgage bank in 1995. Over the last 32 years, Partners Mortgage has become one of the most respected mortgage companies in the industry. Dan notes, “Everyone shares in our mission to give our customers a “Wow!” experience from A to Z. We are one team, working together for this single purpose. Our values are deeply engraved: integrity, relationships, diligence, solutions, and well-being.”

Looking to the future, Dan plans to continue growing the team at Partners Mortgage while also building his personal brand by helping leaders build teams, branches, and companies. His podcast series, Beyond Mortgage, is one way he plans to accomplish this goal. Dan is using his platform to educate real estate and mortgage professionals on how they can achieve success, inspired by his own experiences in life and business. “In 2008, my wife of 23 years was diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away 6 weeks from diagnosis,” he says. “This was not a part of my life plan. 2008 was also the year of the Great Recession and collapse of the economy that put 80% of mortgage companies out of business.”

Dan continues, “Having survived great loss as well as great success, I’m able to lead and motivate others in a way I could not when I was younger.”

His greatest advice for aspiring real estate and mortgage professionals? “Having a growth mindset is imperative in starting and growing a successful business. Attitude determines everything. It’s important to embrace challenges. Never give up.”


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    Ceo & Founder


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