The one enduring question that has always been present within me since I can remember is:
“Is there love here?”

Since I was a little boy, my heart has always yearned for the feelings and sensations of being loved. Of being in love. And loving it!

That feeling of being adored, cherished, held by another.  And the meaning and feelings affectionately experienced in loving another so much. 

And while much Love was gloriously rained on me throughout my childhood and into my early adulthood, I still often questioned, feared, if I was being loved.  And was I loving? Was I going to find “true Love”?  And it finds me?  Would I recognise it?  Would it ever be enough?

One day, as Life would have it, my heart was beautifully taken up in a daring, magnificent, life-changing Love that lasted a very long time.  Only for illness to steal her from me, forever more. 

So it is, Love.  And Life. 

One has the choice to open one’s heart to Love.  To start again.  And maybe again….  
To trust life, again.  To believe in Love, again.   

And I have.  I am. 

For me, Love makes life worth living.  Even with that vulnerable question vacillating within.
It is the soul elixir that we never seem to get enough of, that manifests in myriad ways.
Love doesn’t label.  Nor shames.  Is not impatient.  Nor bullying. 

Love nurtures.  Forgives.  Protects.  Impassions.  Jubilates.  Supports and encourages. 
Love is playful and full of surprises. It dares and intoxicates the soul.  Generates abundant energy.  

It reassures and calms.  Honors and respects.  
It frees you.  And brings you to your senses.

Love is the first and last passage of our lives, at birth and death.  And permeates everything in between.

My life has been about romantically finding Love in everything and everyone. Being Love in my relationships, my work, my art and creations, all my life’s experiences. 
It serves to remind me that Love is found. 

Within me. 

Always and forever more. 

So while we may, from time to time, lose romantic Love. 
Or struggle to embody it in challenging moments.

Love is always, resiliently omnipresent within us, for us. 
We are Love – it is neither lost nor found.  

It is, simply, us. 

We are here to share it with abundant sensorial allégresse.

Savoring the adventure of Love, 
David Charles Brower

Excerpted from Dance of the Love Caterpillars: An Inspirational Romantic Tale of the Adventure of Loving and Trusting Life, available to purchase here.


  • David Charles Brower

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    David Charles Brower spends his life searching for love and creating abundant sensorial experiences everywhere he goes, wherever and whomever he finds himself with.  As The Sensorial Guy, and inspired by his own romantic personality, he inspires others globally to connect to each other in meaningful ways, to find useful joy in the everyday, create moments of romance daily and find pleasure in the small details and nuances of life. To seek relentlessly to fuse pleasure with purpose, sometimes a tad mischievously too... Always from his intensively creative perspective, David expresses his love for life through writing,  poetry, dancing, creating delicious meals in his professional home kitchen, gathering and hosting people, and helping others transform from the stage as a storyteller.   His former work experience was in world-class international entertainment and cinema for over 20 years, which has also shaped his love for the creative process and people, and their stories, laying the foundation for his next adventure in love: writing his first short story. Dance of the Love Caterpillars is a romantic love story between two caterpillars that is aimed at romantics of all ages. His work for the larger part of the last decade has been in developing his Sensorial Intelligence™ programs, events and lifestyle, and have been catalysts for the creation of this heartening story, Dance of the Love Caterpillars. This storytelling gem is a universal romantic love story between two caterpillars, an inspiration to lovers and would-be romantics of all ages. David, an American by birth, has chosen the city of love and pleasure, Paris, as his home for the last 30 years. You can connect with David Charles Brower at