It appears, for the most part that we’re just coming out of a pandemic. A long, worrisome, and confusing time in our lives. For some (maybe many) they’re still in it.

What I’ve observed during these times is, not only have we shielded our faces to protect ourselves and others, but sadly we’ve also shielded our hearts too. There’s been a shift. A heaviness.

Today of all days, it became apparently clear that after months of winter, and a particularly harsh one at that, for those who experienced it, today is a gorgeous sunny day. The Spring weather has finally arrived.

As I made my way out to take in the morning air, I saw a number of people out and about, some wearing masks others without. What I noticed was a less welcoming vibe. A kind of armour that people were wearing. A protection not ready to be released (quite yet).

As I took notice, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Was it me? Was I being warm and friendly? How was my body language as I walked down the street? How did I engage? Check. Check. And check. All good. It wasn’t me. My smile was open and out there. I noticed a lot of no eye contact. Heads down.

The ‘good morning’s’ once reciprocated fell flat. I saw a few unmasked faces attempting to break a smile, but not quite. For those walking who wore masks, they b-lined it across the street – body language clearly demonstrating, “go away.”

And then my internal thinking came back to the pandemic and the idea that there had been many points of view, and it’s been upsetting to people. Greatly upsetting. It seemed to come down to another reason to stigmatize people for not doing what the masses had declared. You were either right or wrong. You either cared about protecting others and yourself, or not. Strong opinions on both sides. Yes, people took strong sides. Lines had been drawn in the sand.

Either way I’m not going to weigh in nor share my beliefs on this topic as I’m side stepping the intent of this post, as I’m trying to relay a more optimistic message.

I’m getting to it.

But first, all this to say, this shift has left me feeling a little lonelier. A little less inspired by my fellow humans. It’s a strange yet sad feeling.

Then I thought back. What could I remember or reflect on that would put me in a more optimistic frame of mind?

I got it!


There’s nothing like dancing to bring people together. Music and dancing is a great equalizer and mood-lifter.

I remember every Sunday afternoon I would head out to hear a live cover band playing great music where we (those at the venue) would get up and dance. Alone, in groups, as couples, all ages – it didn’t matter. You knew people. You didn’t. It didn’t matter. It was a place to connect your heart and soul. It was an incredibly freeing experience.

I long for those Sunday afternoons as I haven’t found a place like that since. I’m still looking.

Dancing creates the space for you to express and release whatever is going on in your mind and body. It frees you from whatever is getting you down or causing pain or sadness. It acts as a reason to connect with others. There’s a frequency, a vibe that enhances your mood. There’s so much going on when you dance.

It’s tough to create the same kind of feeling in your mind. But I do get close when I turn on music and just dance. However, I do miss, need, and crave the energy of other people.

I’m looking for that feeling of being able to dance the day away.

Who’s with me?


  • Amy Goldberg

    Founder + CEO @ Push Back [Action, Growth, Engagement Strategist, Writer], International Speaker, Author, Producer [Creative Entrepreneur]

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