One day, I was standing, peering through a window and I realized that on the outside l looked like I had it all together however inside was pain. I felt alone, scared and lost. I knew I did not know any longer who l was. As l stood there immersed in my feelings of misery, deep within me, l knew there was more, that l wanted to make a bigger difference in the world and l wanted to give back.

That very moment, the glimpse of the little light, buried deep within me, was flickering. At that moment, I made a commitment to work through my anger, my insecurities and to confront my ego. It was time to dance with my fear. I committed to me. I was committed to making a difference for others.

I hit pause, not once, not twice, but many times.

I questioned every challenge and frustration.

Why are you bringing this drama into your life?

What are you getting out of it?

What is the hidden gift?

I made the decision l was more committed to me and healing the aspects of me that were raw and real.

I stretched myself.

I felt the fear and did it anyway.

I got uncomfortable for a while rather than numbing the pain through food or taking pills.

I was determined.

I listened to my inner wisdom.

I learnt to love myself as humanely possible.

I was whole and complete.

I was always whole and complete and now l remembered.

I began to see the gifts amongst the madness.

The people who had come before me, the lessons and the opportunities. They were the gifts amongst the darkness to provide the pathway to step into the light.

It was time to live my truth. To be the warrior and allow the passion radiate deep within me.

I gave a voice to my fears and l danced with them. I got out of my own way, explored what l wanted and unravelled the mysteries of bringing my vision alive.

Today, l live my life on purpose. The roads are not the straight pathway to success. They are the windy, mountainous adventure and l embrace the opportunities as l know, feel and breathe that as l walk my truth, the pathway is lit and along the way are the gifts there waiting for me to open.

When will you open the hidden treasure that awaits you?

Isn’t it time?

If not you, who?

If not now, when?


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Originally published at on October 8, 2016.

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