Another Cinco De Mayo has come! Scents of Mexico arise in celebrations of freedom. The natural desire and right of humanity to matriculate throughout Earth’s spacing; a particular area, representing their culture. It feels euphoric and surreal for a people to have a presence on Earthly planes, which represents their very existence; and who they are as a people. What they eat. How they dress. The Spirit and very essence of their women. How the masculine and feminine balances of that very culture are showcased and presented for the eyes of visitors. Their dances. Music. Folkloric traditions. Wisdom. Language. Movement. Decor. The myriad ways they choose to exist.

During this time, when we reflect upon the significance of Cinco De Mayo, and its connection to the wellness of a community, we are addressing unique experiences. Those of celebration. Laughter. Communal bonding. Use of attire to celebrate fashion, and Universal artistry. How cultural attire represents Universal secrecy, decor, wonder, and delight. Its precious and stimulates the human psyche, in our ability to delve further into Universal love, wonder, and creativity. Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Reflections of Cinco De Mayo are forms of mental poetry and therapy. A brief her/history of this special day highlights Mexico’s defeat of the French army (led by Napoleon), in the Battle of Puebla in May 5, 1862. There are many lessons to be reviewed of this very victory. One of them is how love of nation forces one to overcome any fear. Inner fear. Fear of an outside force. There are different things coming into play when it comes to having the ability to defeat fear. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt that love overcomes any presence of fear. The richness of love, is how it is able to reflect all the treasures of life. All the treasures worth fighting for.

Normally, during this time, different cities of the United States are met with varying festivities and celebrations of Mexico’s presence. The colors, patterns, and designs bring forth a unique shaping of Universal celebration. Cinco De Mayo celebrations are rich and wondrous to the eye. What is being celebrated on Earth is clearly a reflection of the Universal gaze. Mexican music and dance highlights the rhythm of the people. Their particular beat reveals their spiritual movement in the galaxy. The colors and patterns of their liking exude diversity in the performance of happiness. A myriad of strategies that a culture uses, in order to immerse in their performance of sanity and life’s natural way of, being. Vivacious. Joy. Celebration. Care. Nourishment. Spiritual Elevation. (Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Another key lesson regarding Cinco De Mayo, is that persistence and patience has its rewards. Pushing forward even when outnumbered. Moving harder when it looks like you will fail. Those continuing to move in the impossible, are treasures.

Photos of Cinco De Mayo celebrations are filled with the energy of cultural richness. Channeling the energies of life’s revival throughout one’s people, legacy, and community. The folkloric dresses of the women are fluid. Their outreach spins, intertwines, and embraces the circular patterns of the Universe. How they twirl and spin, through different movements of the dance, is a performance of their Universal shaping. Furthermore, the movements of Mexican women in their folkloric attire and dressings highlights their connection to the land. Mexican land. They have studied the vibration of shaping for this spacing, cultivated it, crafted it, and utilized its rhythm in the manifestation, and creation, of culture. In turn, they have shared this with the menfolk of their communities; and have taught them the sacred realm of dance., (Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Examining the patterns and designs from pictures of Cinco De Mayo celebrations, there is a holistic reflection of the galaxy’s artistry. Just imagine how humanity looks from the standpoint of the Universal eye. The folkloric dresses of Mexican women perform in a way of the kaleidoscope. Intertwined into different shaping, rhythms, and flow. They demonstrate the very existence of invisible movements of Mexico. How would Mexican lands dance, if they could personify the human Spirit? The Cinco De Mayo festivities are a performance of such imagination. Fighting against the energies wishing to remove them from their natural state of fluidity in their own lands.

One of the most auspicious beauties of the Cinco De Mayo festivities is how they reflect to the world, one desire of a community to be. Existing in their own, natural state; as crafted to them by the feminine image of their birthing. Presenting holistic images of their being, and how they have found (and formed) harmony with the Earth. Their subconscious recognition and performance of the circles of nutrition and aspirations of wellness.; (Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

I imagine that when Mexican folkloric dancers dance and twirl in the way of their tradition, their sound, their beat, they are demonstrating how their culture aspires them to re-live passion, for the human experience. The music and rhythm is an example of liberation. Having the freedom to craft their existence in a way, that it is pleasing and reflective of Universal beauty.

What many people fail to realize and understand is that there is a wellness and therapeutic art, when it comes to freedom. Much of a people’s liberation is greatly connected to healthy reflections of their own presence, on Earth’s vegetation. Imagery of their creation, and how they determine that reflection to the world. An image crafted from their cultural design, which came from their particular experiences and history. Healthy images that are pleasing to the Universe. Pictorial views of their sacred connection of Earth with the Heavens. There is a whole psychology when it comes to wellness and cultural preservation.

Another important aura concerning the Cinco De Mayo festivities is how they reflect how peace and harmony reigns within a community. When culture is designed in partnership with land and holistic connections to land, there is beauty arising. If there is violence erupting in a community, it is symbolic of humanity being out of touch with the land. An imbalance happens. Chaos takes place when a culture has been disconnected to the creative nature of land, and its primary objective to sustain life. All the while connecting that life to the invisible world. Our inhabiting of Earth allows these mysteries to come into fruition.

The day continues on. This year’s Cinco De Mayo festivals are not existing. Nevertheless, the corona period is forcing us to reflect on those past celebrations. Their memory is more meaningful, during this time around. The vigilance and illumination of their artistry are necessary images for these current times. A celebration of Universal timing, and how our ability to see them, reminds Mexican people of what will be needed to continue, once this current pandemic is over. Furthermore, its a real treat to reflect upon those visuals, serving as living proof of human genius, creativity, and greatness!

As we allow our minds to marinate on the past timings of the Cinco De Mayo celebrations, we are overcoming the fears and anxiety of the current epidemic. Pushing further in our ability to celebrate human wonder, even within the confines of our homes or residential, living spaces. Though it is a Mexican celebration, Cinco De Mayo, is also another day of the human Spirit. Its Mexico’s gift to the world. A reminder to humanity that one’s culture, existence, and legacy is worth fighting for. After all, healthy imagery of one’s communal and cultural existence is, wellness!; (Edits By Lauren K. Clark), (Edits By Lauren K. Clark)’s/cinco-de-mayo-faq-trnd/index.html, (Edited By Lauren K. Clark)


  • Lauren K. Clark

    Lauren K. Clark hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, she is a lover of travel, studying different languages, the arts, and more!

    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.