Have you ever been to the county fair? What was the energy like? In addition, what were the tunes like for the surrounding atmosphere? What dances took place? Furthermore, what food was eaten, during such a festive occasion? It’s the vivacity, and high energy of fairs, which makes us want to return, again. Fairs have a way of connecting us to the fantasy of reality. In fact, they are a realistic form of fantasy. That’s simply how they are designed to be. It’s a way for how we re-enter ourselves into the very essence of childhood play. No matter how old we get, we can always go to the fair; creating those precious memories, along the way.

So, now that we have understood the very purpose of a fair, let’s move to the segment of entertainment. We are given the opportunity to dance (and sing) at the fair. So, what songs do we play? What dances bring rhythm (and beats) to our feet? We often think about Country Western, when it comes to the fair. Then, for some strange reason, there is also, Polka! Such a dance (and musical element) has a way of getting you into the unexpected. It’s a fun dance. Normally, you don’t expect it to take place, at a fair. And yet, here it is! For the purposes of this article, we are placing it in the context, of the fair. All is fair in the world of, make believe! That’s one of the treasures of writing. You can create whatever you want, wherever you want, and however you choose to intertwine it, into the realm of music. It’s your choice. And, it’s up to you!

It’s one thing to dance to the, Polka! It’s another thing to dance to a Polka song, considered to be “too fat!” Hmmm. . .It brings up an interesting point, and question. Why even the need to convey a song in the same way, that one would describe a human being? Could it be because it is long? Is it because this dance is so rich? Maybe. So, what are the moves? What are the steps? Dances are to make us feel jolly! Dances give us the meaning of purpose and movement. The longer the movement, the greater the purpose. Plus, we gain longer time to dance. We can dance by ourselves, or we can dance, alone!

For now, let’s dream. Let’s imagine that we are at the fair. Walking through the fair grounds, we see the different visuals. We experience different sights. Music plays, aloud. Traditional, Southern eateries are cooked and grilled. Our bellies are stuffed and filled. And, in front of us is the dance floor! What’s next? Well, you let the music, decide!

Slim Bryant